X360au: Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise is one of those games that if you are a male, you will spend the entire time your playing it hoping that nobody walks into the room. Yes it is one of those things that males world-wide will be hesitant to admit that they enjoyed. Yet at the same time is something that is damn near impossible to not enjoy.

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XboxOZ3603543d ago

I had a little gaming session last night with a female friend, whacked this in and she was impressed with the looks, except it took for every to get going into the game, and seemed a tad - hmmm . . confusing. We popped in Top Spin 2 and were into playing games within no time.

My friends said it was just too slow "getting into it" . . . what have others found . . . ?

I suppose it is aimed at a different demographic . . .

Hunter863542d ago

Im totally loving this game at the moment. Once you do get past the initial tutorial crap its really good fun.

gaminoz3542d ago

I've heard good things about Viva Pinata...but not my thing, I don't think. It's great the 360 has such a good variety of good games that will appeal to people though.

XboxOZ3603542d ago

Yeah, perhaps, but it's just not my cup of tea. It's very vibrant and Rare certainly have done a great job with it, but I think I'm fixed or focused to a few genre' of games which suit me at this time.

darkmurder3542d ago

This games clearly aimed at the younger people but that doesn't stop adults from playing it, its mechanics are very addictive and always want you coming back for more, great review!

Godem3542d ago

I got so sick of the first game, that was after about 15 hours though.

but since the game is not that much different, i doubt ill pick it up, i can wait for banjo

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