Stargate Worlds dev not afraid to delay game

FireSky head Dan Elggren told in a Leipzig Games Convention interview that if Stargate Worlds ends up as a "stinker that's not ready" the company may close down.

The game is currently scheduled for a Q1 2009 release.

He said: "For us as a start up I don't have seven other products behind me right now that are going to be making money for this company. So if I release a stinker that's not ready it doesn't do anybody any good and my company closes down. So I want to make sure that what we launch at day one is solid, it's fun to play and it's gone through those cycles. And so if it comes down to it that we need to slip it to make sure that we have that iteration we'll do that."

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VigorousApathy3471d ago

These mmorpgs are such crap. No one from this world suddenly in the Stargate Universe would want to go be a Jaffa. The first thing they want to do is bone Samantha Carter.

Fux4Bux3471d ago

If it meant owning slaves.

But yeah this game could work out really well if the get the mechanics right. Stargate is a surprisingly interesting universe (just watching SG-1 series now).

PoSTedUP3471d ago

if a games not ready, delay it.