ADR1FT cancelled for Xbox One

Space exploration game is no longer coming to Microsoft's console

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KiwiViper85755d ago

Most likely the poor sales on pc and ps4 mean there's no more money to keep funding the development for Xbox one. They also cancelled the PSVR version.

darthv72754d ago

didn't even know it was for xb1. I thought it was PCVR / PSVR game.

christocolus754d ago


You are right.

The PSVR version is on hiatus... the devs also told fans to beg the publisher for PSVR support.

and the reviews weren't great either

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BABY-JEDI754d ago

PSVR Support please, I still haven't thrown up playing a PSVR game so here's hoping this will do the trick 😝Only kidding. You can do it 😉

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