Console Stargate Worlds possible

FireSky Studio head Dan Elggren told in an interview from Leipzig Games Convention that a console version of the upcoming sci-fi MMO is something the team "wants to look at down the road" and that the only issue would be how the controls are ported over.

When asked when console owners would get a chance to play the game, he said: "Yeah, I've actually had that a few times! You know Xbox 360, or even Xbox 720, the client's based on Unreal 3, so it's really at that point based on how we adjust the AI.

"It's definitely something we want to look at down the road and how that ports over to console. I think the client we utilised will open up some of those doors but it's how we cross those controls really that's going to help us with that."

However, Elggren stressed that the a console version of the game, as well as movement into the lucrative Asian MMO market, will be determined by the success of the PC version.

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Lucreto3415d ago

Cool I would still be reluctant to get it though.

DarkBlood3415d ago

stargates show is kool so i will take interest in the game