Treyarch Finally Trump Infinity Ward.

Gameplayer has gone live with a hands-on preview of Call of Duty: World at War's four-player online co-op mode, including both campaigns of the new war. Having lived in Infinity Ward's shadow to this date, they suggest the mode one-ups their famous peers.

"The rules are pretty harsh. If someone dies, the game ends and it's back to the last checkpoint. If there is mortal friendly fire, the same dealio. But it makes for more engaging gameplay as it forces you to think more about moving the frontline forward as a unit and watching each other's backs."

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Beg For Mercy3567d ago

but the question is are they gonna be able to code the ps3 like ifinity ward did also.

Fishy Fingers3567d ago

Of course, for a start they're using Infinity Wards engine. Also it would be foolish to think they would of not spoke extensively. IW wouldn't be happy if Treyarch tainted all the great press/hype COD4 generated.

MiloGarret3567d ago

Haven't I read the exact same thing recently...? Oh, yes, yes I have:

Topshelfcheese3567d ago

fishy is right, this is the equivalent of me taking GTA4, replacing all the character models, writing a new story and calling it GTA5, and you telling me I trumped Rockstar. Yes, my models could be better, and my story could be better, but the ground work was already laid out for me.

Treyarch has a lot to prove after releasing COD3 crap, we will see.

Beg For Mercy3567d ago

but remember treyarch said that the ps3 version was gonna be a port, IW had a separate team on PS3 thats why cod4 was so successful on PS3. Man its a lot of games comin out.

KiddyBrownTurd3567d ago

that's true, and even still, the ps3 version had slightly lower resolution normal maps, but that was mostly a result of having less available video ram to work with.

El_Colombiano3566d ago

Haha the only thing you proved to me with your Gamespot link is that the PS3 has the better looking version, and I can not believe you still buy that lie about the "less RAM". Pathetic.

KiddyBrownTurd3566d ago

lol, stupid fanboy.

look again.

Sucks2BU3567d ago

Regardless of what awesome stuff Treyarch do, I think that there biggest worry is setting. Do people care, especially since Brothers in Arms seems to be the WWII game to look forward to.

Killjoy30003567d ago

Well, that's nice to know, but this November, Insomniac will trump both of them...

(Sorry, had to)

dktxx23567d ago

I think Insomniac, Epic, and Slant Six will all trump what Treyarch does.

Sevir043567d ago

but in quality yes.. simply put COD has a fan base and is one of the most successful Shooters out there, as a multiplatform title it sells in the upwards of 8-10 million with every release with the strongest selling one being COD4, treyarch and activision blizzard will be banking money this November. but so will insomniac. I really see resistance 2 getting gears of war numbers this time around., Sony will have to market it big, because this year, Sony's 2 biggest titles are LBP and Resistance, and they have said it that resistance 2 is their game to dance with Gears, so i predict that they will have a huge marketing campaign for the game.

for me the choice is easy, Resistance 2 and gears of war 2 over treyarchs COD:WAW

Panthers3567d ago

With a little help from Infinity Ward. What would they have done without the engine LOL?

Killjoy30003567d ago

That's true.

On that note, I'm surprised IW hasn't distributed the engine outside of Activision properties.

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The story is too old to be commented.