Memorable Metal Gear Moments: ‘I’m not here to fight’

A look back at a certain character’s resurgence 60;during the grand finale of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as a decades spanning timeline comes to its conclusion.

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franwex458d ago

Major spoilers for those who haven't played mgs4, but where planning to!

Didn't realized that cut scene was one the lengthiest. Very well made!

Hoi_C458d ago

kaz, i'm already a pachinko

DarXyde458d ago

It was such a moving scene and my personal favorite moment in the series, beating out the moment when Big Boss pulls the trigger in the field of flowers. There were so many feelings to be felt during that scene.

And honestly, if you play through the series again in chronological order, realizing that [SPOILER ALERT] the man never became a relic of vengeance, you begin to realize that this final scene was particularly somber. This was a man who, time and again, could justify starting a war with the nation that turned its back on him. The worst he did was distance himself. And seeing how the graveyard scene concluded, in the end, they got him, but not before removing the system in place.

Big Boss has become my favorite character in the series since Snake Eater, and with great reason. He's such a complex character whose seen so much sadness and felt so much pain, yet maintains his composure and always did what he felt was right. There were several moments when you were convinced he would become the titles menace you always heard about...And it wouldn't happen. He even saved the U.S. in Peace Walker.

And by ending with, "This is good, isn't it?" I damn near bawled my eyes out. It was arguably the one and only moment of peace he's had since the ending of MGS3. He's a character you grow to care about considerably and I give Kojima a grand amount of credit for making that tough decision. It felt like he really didn't want to do it, but it was because he did that you can appreciate the gravity of the situation. Lastly, having "Here's to You" play directly after he drops his cigar...whoa.

Okay, fanboy moment over.

xtheblackparade457d ago

I've always been a bit immune to over dramatizing games/films but I can see where author comes from.

What stays with me is stuff like when in Blood Bowl the commentator says: " I'm sure nothing will go wrong now before the end of the turn!" and your character trips down and fumbles the ball.

Or the awkward laughing scene in FFX...

cell989457d ago

so if games or films dont do it, what does for you, books?

DarXyde457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I think I can somewhat understand what xtheblackparade means by that. I myself can still feel a lot of emotion with games or movies if they properly introduce and develop characters where you can feel some justifiable degree of empathy. Books, I believe, are easier to feel something from. Books set a tone and basic character traits, but how you read their words is open to interpretation.

All three are able to elicit some type of emotion. It's possible xtheblackparade just hasn't found their title in the medium yet.

xtheblackparade457d ago

The medium doesn't influence my empathy towards the characters, it's just that I often enjoy a good story like the one in MGS, but I never have the feeling it could happen in real life so that's why I don't really get dragged into the emotions. The story itself is grand though, I enjoyed that.

I have felt emotions in films or books or series, but it would often be close to real life situations. If the story does something like: boy grew up without parents and got beaten to death in his 20s, I feel for the kid. But when it's "boy grew up without parents, got cancer in his 20s but got cured, girlfriend gets shot and he gets framed for it and goes to death row" .. well, that kinda thing I can't feel for :P