RACE Pro, the most realistic racer ever?

From "360 exclusive driving sim RACE Pro will be the most realistic racing game ever, according to the game's developers, SimBin.

"Speaking about how realistic modern racing games are, SimBin boss Henrik Roos told our sister publication, 360 Gamer magazine, "we believe that we are closest to the real stuff."

"To answer, we have a couple of games out there that definitely close to reality."

"And he should know, as Roos used to race a Dodge Viper in the FIA GT championship – something which SimBin has taken full advantage of during the development of RACE Pro."

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pp3417d ago

OBVIOUSLY its only capable on xbox360

SteveBallmer SonyRep3417d ago

Sony could take this game and copy it 4 times onto "1" Blu Ray and have more sh!t on-screen and have better graphics

Plus you could complete a race without your console burning out

DavidMacDougall3417d ago

There was more "realistic racing" in GTA4

Pain3417d ago

but to bad your a moron.

GT >>>>> this crap. dream on Xbox 2 game.,

3417d ago
AngryXbot3417d ago

All these shiatty threads about "most realistic racer?" need to end.

There is only ONE king of all racers and its called GRAN TURISMO.

50 million sales. Not one racer can come close for the next 10 years.

End of story.

ravinshield3417d ago

who gives a F##k about sales GRand turismo is not realistic alright and you know it,gt has not but arcade racing.

lunaticpanda1013416d ago

Gt5p has to be the most boring and bland racer of all time

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SteveBallmer SonyRep3417d ago

"according to the game's developers, SimBin. "

Do i even have to say anything ? Like he is going to say i tried and failed

GT5 will kill this it is the best selling "racing simulator" after all

thor3417d ago

If GT5 ever comes out. I think it's stuck with GT on the PSP. I.e. not going to come out for a looong time. By the time GT5 comes out, we will have already seen GT5 Prologue and many other games between now and then (we've probably got 2 years, let's be honest) could trump it graphically. It's just going to be prologue with more tracks and cars, and damage (hopefully). But it's so far away that I can see it being outclassed by games released in-between (forza 3 anyone?)

lwhatee3417d ago

PRO looks more like forza.
It also doesnt run at full HD

El_Colombiano3417d ago

Wow, every racing game is always trying to take the "Best Driving Sim" title away from GT, yet they all fail when they are released. The reason GT5 wont come out for a long time is because the devs are actually modeling every single car in the game, test driving every car a multitude of times, and then transferring that data to the game. No matter what this game, or any other, tries to do to out do GT is not enough. If they really were trying then we wouldn't see it for another two years.

dan-boy3417d ago

as usual, the sony body guards come rushing to the defense only to make themselves look like the stupid know nothings they are!!!

how many of you virgins have even heared of simbin?? or played any of their games??? that's rite, none! do your research before posting fud.

coz you have all just made yourselfs look very stupid.

i'm talking about the ones above and below....i dont need to talk about the bottom feeders in the open zone.

El_Colombiano3417d ago


Instead of making yourself look like an incompetent (sound it out) idiot, why don't you actually pose an argument and try to prove my post incorrect? Oh wait, because your just a preteen that has no idea what he is talking about, and the fact that I am still 100% correct with my last post.

radio0o3417d ago

Yup. If you look at the vids for this game it's not even on the same level as GT5. They are just trying to create hype for this game by making wild claims.

gaffyh3417d ago

I'm 99.9999% sure that GT5 will be better than Race Pro (how many times did we hear that PGR or Forza was better than GT, and they aren't even better than GT4?), and also I'm ~90% sure that the game won't be as good as GT5P.

Even so if it is close it is better than nothing, cos Forza and PGR suck, so if this game is any good I will be getting it hopefully.

plain rice3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Is that all you have to say? Why not bring up your research to counter these guys instead of complaining and doing nothing to back it up.

dan-boy3416d ago

then compare it to the prettiest bumper car game in existense. you will see the difference. especially when you try to old gt race winning trick...speed up to a corner, and just use the other cars as cushions to go into first place. works everytime on every gt game.

i can see how that is called simulation. that's what i always do when i'm late for work and behind traffic. just ride them round corners in my indestructible car.

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kspraydad3417d ago

on the Xbox 360...fair enough.

IzKyD13313417d ago


DavidMacDougall3417d ago

Amen Brother bubbles for you !

Nothing can touch the "Best Selling Driving game in the world"

SimBin is just promoting his game but in his heart he knows what game he was trying to copy

IzKyD13313417d ago

and has anyone ever heard of RACE Pro anyway?

Dpa3417d ago

Ummm, google their previous game GTR2. It KICKS Gran Turismos ass left right and sideways. Shame its a 360 exclusive (bloody microsoft not having 3rd party steering wheel sport), but this will be more realistic than GT5.

IzKyD13313417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

"Ummm, google their previous game GTR2. It KICKS Gran Turismos ass left right and sideways. Shame its a 360 exclusive (bloody microsoft not having 3rd party steering wheel sport), but this will be more realistic than GT5."

you mean the PC game that no one bought?

Dpa3417d ago

Suit yourself then. You're quite obviously a 12 year old, so you wouldn't appreciate a simulation game anyways.

IzKyD13313417d ago

I appreciated the original gran turismo opening day 10 years ago.....Im still 12 right?

Dpa3417d ago

Even if your not actually 12 you're still acting like you are by bashing a game you've never even heard of. If you were a real fan of the simulation genre you'd have at least played GTR2 and you wouldnt be saying 'GT PWNS IT CUS ITS PS3 ECXLUSIVE LOL'.

3417d ago
sak5003417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

GT the real driving simulator, just like the real life Knight rider car KITT. Indestrutable and using other cars as bumpers to move ahead to finish line.

gaffyh3417d ago

@sak500 - Simulation isn't only about damage in the game. Good driving mechanics + No damage > Crappy driving mechanics + damage

RememberThe3573417d ago

It's "is it going to be fun to play?"

Tarasque3416d ago

Well Sony only fans well defend anything till the end, they can call GT5P a sim all they want. It is about as much as a sim micro machines racing. People can say and praise it all the want in my eyes it will be average and nothing more, i have played and i have beat it and i know my impressions and what i got out of the game and it wasn't much.

gaffyh3416d ago

@Tarasque - It's not about being a Sony fan (I have a 360 as well), it's just about the true fact that GT5P is the most realistic driving sim available, the only thing it doesn't offer is damage (which they will be patching in soon), and the reason they didn't put it in first was cos they wanted realistic damage (based on each cars Euro N-Cap ratings) but they would have got sued by the car companies so they didn't implement it.

Now we are gonna get crappy generic damage models because of people like you who think the game sucks just because it doesn't have damage. PGR and Forza seriously do not compare to GT (GT4 is better than them), Race Pro looks better than them but I doubt it will be as good as they say.

GodGinrai3416d ago

Only if your idea of the ultimate driving simulator involves driving cars along the tire walls at damn near top speed and your car never reacting to bumps they way a REAL car does.Oh then theres the unrealistic RWD physics.GT is the only "driving sim" where even the most powerful mid endined cars have a chronic tendencey to understeer.

Tell me have you ever driven a real wheel drive car at speed before? Id like to see you drive my MR2 like a a car in GT,i know i wouldnt (346 bhp @5300rpm.not a standard spec car at all ,trust me. ive put 5 years and stupid amount of money into it ).It would chew you up spit you out and you would have a hefty repair bill on your hands.

I love the GT series, but forza2 is definetely the better driving game,better physics, better AI more feelsome steering.Im speaking not just as a gamer but as an enthusiastic driver who has been into modding cars almost aslong as i have been into videogames.when i apply my knowledge of real world driving to forza the feedback from the car is more realistic than what you get in GT5p (i got it with my ps3 so i think iknow what im talking about since i own both games.

I just had to point that out.Just because YOU only own a ps3 that doesnt make it the most realistic driving game. The steering and the behaviour of the cars are a bit off. Facts not opinion. And if you disagree get yourself a cheap rwd car, treat yourself to a track day,and prepare to realise how wrong you are.....

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IzKyD13313417d ago

has anyone heard of this game at ALL?

TheColbertinator3417d ago

It was announced back in July prematurely.I doubt many 360 owners are interested in this because there are too many 2008 360 games already and Atari isn't quite a AAA title developer.I dont know how this game will be