Top 5 Reasons Why Will Xbox 360 Own 2008 Holiday Season

Upcoming anticipated Xbox 360 games in one video.

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LightningPS33479d ago

if Sony doesn't cut the price of the PS3.

Fox013479d ago

But Sony's losing so much money (that they'll never recover BTW) on the PS3 so I don't think they can afford a price drop atm. We'll have to wait for a PS3-Slim before we see one IMO.

Monchichi0253479d ago

You said something Sensible! But you're right one with that one! Unless Sony counters with a price cut of there own, it seems that 360's are going to own this holiday season. For three reasons only:

2. The excitement of the new "X-BoX Experience
3. And the hype of Gears of War 2.

CrazzyMan3479d ago

Ok.. first of all. Japan+Europe > North America
Second, it`s:
a) Gears 2 (not a system seller)
b) Fable 2 (probably will buy same people as Mass Effect)
c) Banjoo (might dissapoint true fans and bomb like Viva Pinata)

Now, what`s left. PRICE. I remeber, GC costing 99$. id that helped Nintendo to break 25 mln. WW sales? NO.
Price is worthless, if you can`t play games, that you anticipate.
And come on, if someone wanted to play Gears, why would they wait for Gears 2 to buy x360, because of 50$???
Fable 2 has some potential so far.

Don`t forget, that M$ is running of xbox fans, first xbox sold less then 25 mln. It will be interesting this season, but just remeber, the PRICE isn`t everything.

HighDefinition3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Sometime between LBP and XMAS.

Genesis53479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Sony can not drop the PS3 price much lower to soon. In an earlier article it stated that if they lower the price to much it would undermine the stand alone Blu-ray market. They are a member of the Blu-ray association so they may have to play by some rules. But as far as the 360 owning this holiday season only time will tell. Sony will still be strong no doubt about that.

Sitdown3479d ago

With the price of an xbox being $199.....some people have the funds where it can be a splurge by......and with Gears 2 around the corner I am pretty sure it will push some consoles. The problem are you defining a system seller? Technically if one system was bought just for Gears it not a system seller? Given that Fable came out before Mass Effect.....I am pretty sure that Fable 2 will gain more than just the Mass Effect crowd...given that it already has established its own following. I was unaware that Viva Pinata bomb.....I while in some ways it was not the "commercial success" held its own, and deciding to bring a sequel reflects that in this well as more kids having tapped into the tv show. I agree that price is not everything.....but trying to say that the 360 is in the same place as the gamecube is so far off. The gamecube was just lacking games in least the 360 has games that are already here, and games that are approaching.

"And come on, if someone wanted to play Gears, why would they wait for Gears 2 to buy x360, because of 50$??? "

Perhaps in doing so they can use that extra $50 to help in buying Gears 1 and Gears 2?...

Anyhow...I am not saying that the 360 will own or not......I just do not think your argument presents the best reasoning on why the 360 wouldn't own.

Monchichi0253479d ago

You're opinion might matter if we didn't ALL know your a 360 hater!
Contrary to your beliefs...gears will be a system and the first one proved just that. Now you claim it won't because everyone who liked it already bought Gears 1? To that I call BALONEY!!!! That's like saying Halo 2 didn't push systems because Halo was already out. AND NOW that the 360 is price at a mass market price, it opens up the gates to everyone who couldn't afford it back then.

And your comments about Fable and Banjo??? LMAO You're just hating on them. You know they've been getting GREAT feedback.

And YES price isn't everything...But that's why the 360 has GREAT games coming and the BEST library of games already available. So don't hate,.... participate!

MorganX3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Xbox 360 "should" be hard to beat this Christmas with the price cut (which is the #1 issue with the mass of non-hardcore gaming consumers), Gears 2, and Left 4 Dead, plus XBLA Arcade just stomps all over PSN content and Netflix is also coming.

I do think Sony will keep it close enough being a Bluray with all the blockbusters coming out and Dark Knight around 12/16. Wipeout HD will help with a lot of players familiar with the game who haven't gone next-gen yet. LBP will also help. I don't think Killzone or Resistance will sell new machines.

Becasue there just aren't a whole lot of game changing exclusives left, it will be a matter of price vs. Bluray, and Gears/Left 4 Dead/Fable II vs. LBP/K2/R2/WHD for the most part. I think MS wins this Christmas, but not in dominating fashion.

Wildcard: If Obama wins the election, people will be more optimistic about the future of the economy and job market and this may actually reduce the impact of Microsoft's price cut. If McCain wins, the nation will probably continue to pinch pennies.

UltimateIdiot9113479d ago

I agree, Sony can't lower the price on the PS3 because of Blu-ray. All Sony can do is add more stuff to the PS3 packaging like increased harddrive size, game bundle, etc. So in a way, the value of the PS3 has decrease but then we all know inflation makes price goes in up.

butterfinger3479d ago

I enjoyed your opinion on the election results affecting console sales this Christmas. I agreed with your overall notion that the 360 should have better sales than the PS3 this Christmas, but I don't believe that XBLA "stomps all over PSN". The PSN, while not having as many titles, seems to have more quality titles than XBLA. The original content on the PSN is amazing, and the PS1 games (while not as many as they should have) are also great and can be transferred to the PSP as well. As far as game-changing exclusives go; I would dare to say that LBP is the wildcard game this year. LBP clearly has the potential to be an amazing killer app for the PS3 that could sell some systems if it is marketed properly and garners good reviews. Of course, Sony's recent history leads me to imagine that I will see about 1 ad for it on TV in the next month and decent but unremarkable sales. Hopefully they will prove me wrong. This Christmas will be a dogfight in sales, though, especially if the PS3 does not get a price cut. This is a great time for PS3 and 360 owners alike as competition just keeps ramping up. My 2 things I am most excited for are Avatars on 360 and LBP for my PS3:)

gaffyh3479d ago

@Monchichi - it's ironic that you call Crazzyman a PS3 fanboy and disregard his opinion, when you yourself are a 360 fanboy.

On topic - I think Sony does need a price cut, but price is not all that matters, it's also the games. I already bought a 360 for GeOW1, and will be getting GeOW2 when it is released. So I don't see Gears 2 as a system seller, maybe a few people may get the 360 for that, but I can't see it being too much. I can't see Fable 2 being a system seller at all, it looks like it will suck (I like RPGs but not ones like oblivion). At the moment the main thing MS has got going for them is the price, but her in UK the 360 has been cheaper than the Wii for months and it still sells less than all the consoles (and PS2 as well most of the time).

The only game that has the most potential to be a system seller WORLDWIDE imo is LBP, Xmas + A good marketing campaign for LBP = Nagging Kids = Lots of sales. Killzone 2 also I think has a bit of potential to convert some PC/360 gamers to PS3, as A LOT of PC gamers say it is the one console FPS they would like on PC.

IaMs123479d ago

i have to disagree with Fable 2 being a system seller and agree Gears 2 wont be. Most the Gears fan have bought the 360 for Gears 1 so therefore most the Gears 2 fans already have a system. Now Fable was released on Xbox 1 so people who enjoyed Fable, well now have an incentive to buy the Xbox 360 for Fable 2 so they could enjoy that one as well..

BabyStomper50003479d ago

I still don't understand why anyone cares who wins this holiday season. Just play the fuking games. Geez.

MorganX3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I hear what you're saying about PSN's unique games. I just think that niche games are niche for a reason; they only appeal to a small number of users. Take XBLA popular Braid, which is considered innovative. It uses tried and true platform gameplay that has mass appeal. For a minute I thought Donkey Kong had finally made it online. I think the best games on PSN are arcade remakes, Bionic Commando in particular. While High Stakes poker suffers because they tried to be too cute with, well, poker. Just deal the cards already man, and make them easy to read. I do think Wipeout HD will be so good that it will level the playing field upon release.

@ those saying Gears 2 won't be a system seller

Your logic is sound: Gears 1 owners already have Xboxes. But you're missing the point of the price cut. There are more PS2 gamers who have not gone nextgen than there are total nextgen gamers. Not everyone who likes Gears has a console. The only playtime they get is when their parents are in Walmart and they get on the demo box. Millions can't afford $300 for a console. And we all know that by the time you get extra controllers, cables, a few games, other accessories, your console can easily cost $6-700 before you ever hook it up.

Now those kids' parents can get them a nextgen console to play Gears or Gears 2 for $199 + ~60. Yes, by the time they're done the price will be much higher than $199, but that's not the way our shopping brains work. An item with $50 more value selling for $205 will probably be outsold by a similar item with $50 lower value selling at $199.

If LBP were available on a $199 console, I would say it would rule Christmas. But at current PS3 prices, it won't. Not many of those who have been limited by price will make that investment, for that game, in my opinion. Price is big. Those saying price isn't a big issue can already afford the console of their choice.

MorganX3479d ago

1) Whoever wins gets the new games developed for it first. Maybe nowadays it's, whoever wins gets to be the lead development platform, or gets better DLC, or better performance. The point being, a gamer does have an interest in how well their chosen platform sells.

2) Why do you watch football when you're not a player? Since the Gladiator days, competitive events have always been an enjoyable spectator sport :)

thewhoopimen3479d ago

isn't that what Little Big Planet's supposed to do that for the PS3 as well MorganX?

Braid is an XBLA game, it's not widely marketed, thus it is niche as well as any PSN title. Granted I'll give it the innovation vote, but the same donkey Kong levels can be made on LBP which will be a mass marketed game.

Anyway, I find it interesting that all these publications (and some of you fanboys) are hollering about Xbox360 winning this Christmas season because of a price drop. You're all making BIG assumptions that Sony WON'T do a Christmas promotion. If Sony doesn't, I can understand a possible win over the holidays... but do you all naively think the situation THEN will be what it is NOW? This isn't Macro Econ 101 Ceteris Paribus modeling. This is real life...

I think all predictions are premature at this moment. October and Nov. top 10 Christmas gift lists will most likely put one or the other console in the spotlight. Think about it, consumers DO NOT follow up on these news. They could careless. However, they will notice the holiday gift idea circulars going around and THAT, i think will be a good indicator of what retailers THINK will sell (and thus be heavily promoted, more likely sold, yada yada yada).

gaffyh3479d ago

No matter what the price of the console is, if people want a PS3, they will wait for the PS3. For example my cousin, he can't afford a PS3 at the moment cos he's paying for driving lessons, but he is not buying a 360 because he WANTS a PS3.

CrazyMystical3479d ago

5. fable 2- fable sux plain out, fable wouldn't even make the top 50 RPGs of all time.

4. GTA DLC- everyone one is over GTA already & the people who plays now mainly plays offline, & for Christ sakes its a DLC.

3. fallout DLC- its freaken DLC.

2. left for dead- i didnt learn about that game until this video, i feel sry for the poor saps thats gonna pick this up.

1. gears of war- meh a reasonable one but still it will have resistance pwnage all over its face.

GarandShooter3479d ago

The games have potential, but I have a hard time believing DLC is a system seller. I know Gears and L4D are purchases for me, but I already own a 360.

mikeslemonade3479d ago

The pricedrop is pointless and I will tell you why. All the systems will be soldout in the winter anyway regardless of pricedrop. If you look at last holiday no system had a price drop and you could not find a psp, ps3, 360, or Wii atleast for a few weeks in the holiday. So Microsoft would have to make a lot more systems than Sony is making the PS3 to actually win this holiday. Also Sony knows what they are doing. As far as I know Sony never drops the price for any system pass the summer because they know during the holiday the sales will rise no matter what and it's already hard enough to keep up with the demand with whatever price. This is why they always drop the price in the spring and sometimes in the summer. Microsoft made a dumb move here.

plain rice3479d ago

Mikeslemonade you make a good point.

k2d3479d ago

This vid reminded me of how much the -360- will be pwned this holiday.

Wii60Fan3479d ago

They have stated there will NOT be a price cut so naturally 360 will win this holiday.

Omniphobe3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Id honestly get a PS3 if it wasn't 400 dollars and I already got a 360. Im pretty damn happy with my 360 though.

Jake11113474d ago

I have all 3 "next Gen" systems. The wii is only good for parties and the 360 is a coffee holder now... Sad to say.

I did like GOW though. Although, the boss battles were pathetic (minus berzerker). . . Halo wasnt great. Bioshock half decent, Mass effect.. bleh... Basically there is nothing that has impressed me as much as the exclusives on PS3. I can play a game like Drakes over and over and be satisfied instead of playing something half good on the 360.

Nothing has impressed me as much as the PS3. Drakes, Warhawk, Heavenly, Ratchet, MGSIV, RFOM, GT5, Motorstorm.

This holiday we are getting RFOM2, LBP, Socom, Motorstorm 2, Home this holiday. This is a no brainer.

If Microsoft were to come out with a larger storage medium I may keep it (even though I feel the PS3s hardware is also what makes the games amazing i.e. CELL).

But I think I will be trading the 360 in this holiday season...


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crunchie1013479d ago

Why these people felt that this required a video is beyond me.

mfwahwah3479d ago

Honestly, this **** is taking too long to load for a list of 5 games. Someone please list them for me >.<

GarandShooter3479d ago


Fable 2
Left 4 Dead
Gears 2
GTA4 exclusive DLC
Fallout exclusive DLC

mfwahwah3479d ago


DLC is 2/5 of the "Top 5 Reasons..."? I really don't think so lol, but I could always be wrong.

They should have added Live Experience and Price Cuts or something like that instead, imo.

Cryos3479d ago

mine loaded, and I can tell you the video lasted to long.

I don't believe that the DLC will help move systems this holiday season. here are the reasons

1. the people that know about the DLC already bought the game.
2. it's clear that this price cut is to appeal to the casual gamer (wii gamer) Because the Arcade is the top choice for casuals, they won't want to buy the HDD necessary to download the DLC, thus making it irrelevant.

I still think the rest of the list is ok

jessupj3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Of those that know me you know I'm a sony fan, but I must admit if I had to put my money on it I'd say the 360 will win. Here's why...

Christmas is about gift giving. Gamers arn't going to get themselves the gift. Yes they will buy consoles and games for themselves but they do that all year and we're focusing on the economy boost at christmas as a result of everyone buying gifts for everyone.

With that in mind, who buys the gifts? It's generally the non gamers. It's the mums and dads and aunties and uncles and grandparents etc. These people are uneducated in the area of gaming. Almost non of them would have even heard of bioshock or mgs4 let alone know how amazing they are and base their purchase on that.

What they do know is price however. Now I'm not saying price if the be all and end all. Of course there are smart parents out there that know the 360 or ps3 or wii is the right choice for them because they did their research. But for the majority of arrogant parents, they will only be looking at the price. And who is the cheapest? Doesn't matter that the arcade is gimped (yes u can buy the hard drive too), the fact is parents don't know it's gimped and will still buy it because of the price.

However, for the educated consumer that is passionate about HD entertainment, they'll probably be getting a ps3. And we all know hdtvs are going be the gift to get this christmas so I think ps3 will still be strong, but imo the 360 will come on top.

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Silogon3479d ago

I don't see many reasons why it would. Fable 2 is the only game I'm buying on the xbox 360 this year. That, however, isn't a game for everyone. Gears 2, Banjo just don't interest me any. the 200 price point isn't applicable for most people cause it has no hdd and no hdmi on it. That means you don't have the option to even download content or videos. Xbox live is basically useless at that point.

Pain3479d ago

1. gears and fable wont make Xbox 2 king of Xmass.

Just F^%*&(g give up already.

AngryXbot3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Its really just an average RPG.

As for Gays in war 1.5, that game is not a system seller. It already moved the systems back in November 2006. People buying this game already own a 360. Not the other way around. OWNED.

But it dont matter, LBP is bigger than both of them combined. LBP is a new phenomenon that is bigger than anything seen so far. This WILL move systems. Lots of it too. How do I know? Well its simple. 15 million PS3 owners and I dont know ONE who wont buy this game. There you have it. What more proof do you need. This game appeals to young and old, casual and hardcore, boy and girl alike. Whats not to like about Sackboy/girl and uploading the LBP vids to YouTube? This is the shiat. The only title standing in its way of all consoles GOTY is MGS4 though LBP might be given the award just because it has wider appeal. I suspect MGS4 will then get PS3 GOTY.

Sony also has a bunch of games lined up that will please a lot of fans AND sideline PS2 owners AND the casual crowd at the same time.

SOCOM confrontation (my prediciton: 9 out of 10)
Resistance 2 (9 out of 10)
Motorstorm (9 out of 10)
BIOSHOCK - people often ignore this one, but this is a system seller going to help the PS3 as much as it helped the 360 (9 out of 10)
Eternal Sonata (8.5 out of 10)
Naruto (8.5 out of 10)
LittleBigPlanet (10 out of 10)
HOME (9.5 out of 10)
Fat princess (9 out of 10)
WipeOut HD (8.5 out of 10)
FLower (8 out of 10)

Yes folks. The line up for this holiday is A fking MAZING. Where else but on PS3. ONLY on PS3.

This holiday season is going to be SLAUGHTER. Dont even think or talk like as if both systems are pretty equal or something. They are not.

Left 4 dead is overhyped and but just an average game. Not a system seller BY FAR. 7 out of 10.
Fable 2 is overhyped but is just a 8 out of 10.
Gays of war 1.5 should be around 8.5 out of 10.

As you can see,the games are pretty average, and the price drop will merely SPIKE the arcade (worthless SKU) sales for about one month. Yes, I said one month. People seem to forgot that this is the 3rd pricedrop of the 360 this year and none have helped. This price drop is no exception.

FACTS: Arcade is not in direct competition with the PS3. The xbox 360 elite is. And the elite is inferior in every aspect.

thekingofMA3479d ago

yes, let's all believe you. you've always been so correct in the past, and you're just the perfect neutral person to make predictions like these

im not going to argue with all your incredibly exaggerated predictions, because i have no desire to read another long comment full of unbelievably fanboyish statements and randomly capitalized words

i don't really feel like typing very much, so i'm just going to tell you that you can't say "OWNED" to your own comments that you feel are important. as a matter of fact i know of two people who are picking up a 360 for Gears 2 and two others for Fable 2-so they are system sellers

user8586213479d ago

fable 2 is the only interest, no1s gona look back at gta4 the dlc was a waste of 50mil

militant073479d ago

you CANT saying something you know nothing about !!!.
Mabye DLC make the gamer better by adding the things we missed in gta san andress like Jets. Flying cars ..etc

Shane Kim3479d ago

Yea militant, why not an alien invasion and space ships?

ShinMaster3479d ago

I only see fans of the original Fable and fans of that type of genre buying Fable 2.

Other people are just hyping it cause it looks "good", but they know they're not gonna buy it.