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TheColbertinator3570d ago

"Our website isn'"


Ateanboy3570d ago

I love the way he says "I guess that since the japanese Home is made by a japanese company, I guess they actually care and try to mkae it prettier and better".

So wrong, but SOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!!!

I guess japanese developers just care a lot more than us over here on the west.

What's in that video looks A LOT better than the American Home. Damn... It kinda pisses me off. And if it continues like this, and the American Home doesn't step it up, I really hope there'll be way for me to download the Japanese version of home.

The Japanese one looks a lot more slick and the style looks realistic. I like the arcade rooms, and the tan-ish apartments. I also like the view of the beach in the back. And the city real far away.

Overall, I was very surprised by what I saw. Very surprised and very pissed off. The American home needs to look like this.

The only downside, like the guy said, is that there's no music. And the pictures instead of videos in the main mall brick-sitting thing. Those are the only things. Everything else looks hell'a better.

mfwahwah3570d ago

I thought Home was being dev'd by a European studio?

Ateanboy3570d ago

Yea, i think the one for over here is... But the one for Japan, I'm pretty positive that I heard that it was being made by Japanese developers...

El_Colombiano3570d ago

Haha is it me or does this guy sound like Cleveland from Family Guy?

shazam3570d ago

if and only if you're in the home us beta and you want to go to japan then add PSN ID: MikeDaMexican

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perseus3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

This guy sounds like an incredibly intelligent person.

"They're talking 'Japan'. I don't understand 'Japan'"

"It's a 'Japan company'."

"The home is in 'American'" (I think he meant English.)

Seriously. I'm actually more stupid after watching that.

LoVeRSaMa3570d ago

Dude, I was about to post the same thing, the guy who made this is retarded, "Why is it in American" ITS ENGLISH DIPSH*T.

Yoma3570d ago


American or British. English or English. That's it

Vip3r3570d ago

Just what I was thinking. He should be kicked off the beta and made to join Primary school instead.

THC CELL3570d ago

this guy needs to go back to school

What a Thick S*it

Vojkan3570d ago

I dont get HOME, really i dont see appeal.

P.S- is this guy Japanese(Asian)? He has problem with L and S and some other letters, but talks in 3rd perspective as he is American. If he is American and talks like this than God help your nation.

TheColbertinator3570d ago

Thanks man.We're trying at least.But due to American budget cuts,we have fewer textbooks and schools for the young'uns who "need 2 reed"

Agent VX3570d ago

The more I see of "Home" the less impressed I am with it.

I really really wished Sony focused on "GAMES" instead of this little 13yr old girl online hangout. I bought the PS3 to play games, not to play a ripped off version of Second Life.

People who play "Second Life" usually don't have a "Real Life". So why on earth would I want to socialize with these basement dwellers. I want more games for my PS3, as the gaming selection is pretty bad.

TheColbertinator3570d ago

Its not that the selection is "bad",its just that there are no games that interest you on the PS3.Last time I checked Sony is working on Motorstorm 2,Resistance 2,Socom:Confrontation,Wipeout HD,and Little Big Planet for the next few months.They have games just not games that are interesting to everybody.Besides HOME is more of an extra,thats why its free.

I prefer the 360 over the PS3 slightly but I feel like giving the PS3 a chance so maybe gamers will find something they like.

Agent VX3570d ago

I can agree with you. I haven't owned a console since SNES and Genesis. I completely skipped out on console gaming for at least 2 to 3 generations, and PC gamed instead.

The only reason why I bought a 360 at first was because I wanted a Media Center Extender, and gaming was a second thought. I really liked Forza 2, NHL 08 and Call Of Duty 4 on the 360, and thought MGS 4 and Motorstorm on the PS3 were good.

But, now, I am PC gaming more, guess I like games like Medieval War 2, IL2, Company of Hero's and Civ 4 better. Console gaming just doesn't have the depth as PC gaming, though it is getting harder and harder to find good PC games anymore.

I prefer my 360 over my PS3, but that's mostly because I have more friends on XBL. Besides that, there isn't much difference. But I really ain't looking forward to many games on either system. GeOW 2, NHL 09, Forza 2 and Motorstorm 2 are about the only ones looking decent. PC gaming, the new Medieval War: Empire and Civ 4 expansion, but besides that, gaming this year has gotten worse from last year, though 2007 was easily top 2 years for best games. It would be very hard to top 2007.

TheColbertinator3570d ago

Oh your a PC gamer.That makes sense.So am I and I always have find something to play on or keep playing on the PC.I simply make a few upgrades and PC gaming stays at a higher level than console gaming so I see where your coming from.I am also excited for Medieval 2 and Civ4:Colonies.Good to find a PC gamer in the midst of the PS3/360 fanboys

Live is great service for playing with friends so it seems more suitable for the online gamer.Great services for playing Gears 2 which I already pre-ordered in full

As for the PS3,its up to Sony on what their next plan is becoming.I can only hope that their strategy is clear so they can justify my PS3 purchase.Mabe at TGS,they'll have something interesting but I'm not sure.In the meantime,its best to wait

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