Playstation Uncensored show#35

Goodfellajay writes-Goodfellajay and Cito35th talk about the weeks gaming news and how to get all the hottest beta this fall.

-Socom beta

-Home beta

-Winner and losers in the gaming world

-And much much more

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DavidMacDougall3594d ago

Beats anything the 360 got out the now

Overr8ed3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I agree, Socom is addicting even though I sux at it. The only thing that keeps me from not playing it is the Large Amounts of Lag.

oh and GFJ = bad

Cwalat3594d ago

im really liking the calendar, tournament setup they got for SOCOM.. :D

HighDefinition3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

100% percent. SOCRACK is BACK

Slant Six and Zipper are technically DRUG DEALERS!!!!!

StephanieBBB3594d ago

I don't want to hear a crying baby or any other sh*t in the background when I finaly get my hands on socom ^^

SteveBallmer SonyRep3594d ago

This game is so... good wish we bought it years ago

BulletToothtony3594d ago

but since the beta came out i haven't touched cod4 so seeing how addicted i was and how quickly socom replaced it, i'm pretty sure Socom will definitely be the next great shooter..

Socom is simply just so well made... it feels great. Even better than cod and i thought that could never be possible.

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Mr Blings3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Dude getting all fake gangsta at the start of this podcast...Dude, your making a f'ing podcast, your not gangsta. Come find me in rock city you shaggy 2 dope wannabe.....your a joke

Anyone that is a fanboy of one system is not a true gamer

chasegamez3594d ago

this is the worst PodCast in history
these dudes suck

PStriple7033594d ago

Goodfella is disrespectful...

THC CELL3594d ago

i think socom will be a hardcore game
i am Hooked
but the beta has a few problems
i can not wait for this game it will be well worth the wait
I used to be a huge rainbow fan From black arrow and so on
and i have never played socom till this beta

It goes to prove i have missed out on a Great game on ps2

PimpHandStrong3594d ago

i have about 5 hours on the Socom Beta and i started to like it around hour 2

Socoms on the PS2 where much faster but they looked horriable

this game looks and sounds very good....all but the explosions..those are are weak


after the explosion stuff looks good...smoke rising and blowing around is very well done

it feels real

the most real feeling game i have ever played

divideby03594d ago

They dont call it Socrack for any other reason.
This is one game that just eats my hours up.. Not exactly sure why but of all the consoles we own this game hands down beats my playtime with any other game (except Madden). Many years back Counter Strike gave Socy a run for its money
COD, GOW shooters just pale in comparison to Socy

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The story is too old to be commented.