Final Fantasy XV’s latest playable demo is full of hilariously terrifying bugs

Gamers report that bizarre fused characters and man/machine hybrids appear while sometimes the entire ocean does not.

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r3f1cul605d ago

dont know if its just people bashing this to be bashing it (which is pretty common in the gaming world today) or if this is just truly going to be the single longest most boring train wreck of a game ever made lol

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Hoffmann605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

It is a game I never cared about after seeing the main protagonists.

Final Fantasy kinda died after FFXII. I said it a half year ago and will repeat it today. FFXV is going to get a lot of 7/10 scores and will cause a lot of damage to the Final Fantasy brand just like FFXIII before.

@comments. Hate is a strong word, kids.

MaximusTKG605d ago


Maybe I am just getting old, or all this education is finally getting to me, but it is hard to take anything you say seriously when my 5 year old uses better grammar.

Spurg605d ago

what did you hate about Notics??? Is far from being that same old blond, over energetic and "wanna be" hero main protagonist JRPGs are known for.

jeromeface605d ago

keep drinkin your hateraid

indyman7777604d ago

@maximus attacking a grammar does not address any game related issues. I't is just a personal attack, which makes you hard to take seriously.

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SoulMikeY605d ago ShowReplies(4)
deadfrag605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

10 years making this game and to think SE most likely would need another 10 years to fix all the problems,what a joke.Bargain bin quality!

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Kreisen605d ago

I doubt they were actually in full development for that entire duration, still these bugs do seem really bad. There is cause for worry when an open world game cant even get a few random pedestrians right.

Segata605d ago

Vs 13 was in full development and we even got teaser vids and full on in game screenshots. Now where that game ends and XV began in development I have no idea. They did create a new engine for this game (and oddly abandon it for every other SE game) so if not the full 10 years they have been working on it damn near that full 10 years.

DillyDilly605d ago

Imagine Conan's reaction if he was told it took 10 years to make this game

The 10th Rider605d ago

I have to say, regardless of how anyone feels about Final Fantasy XV there's no denying that that Clueless Gamer segment was absolutely hilarious.

pcz605d ago

it doesnt make ten years to make a game. it took 6 years to build the burj khalifa in dubai, the worlds tallest building on completion.

the fact it took ten years to make this game is an indication of a highly troubled development, not a measure of greatness.

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TranceHop 605d ago

Got a feeling that FF 15 is going to be a glitchfest like Mafia 3 when it releases

Kurisu605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

The only glitch I came across in the demo is when Noctis was running across a bridge and his whole body tilted to the left.

jwillj2k4605d ago (Edited 604d ago )

Lol wtf?! I'm happy I did not preorder. I'll wait for the reviews.

This game reminds me of eternal death slayer 3.

NotoriousWhiz605d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with you for waiting for reviews. Unless those people would much rather people buy on impulse. I'm still excited for FFXV, but I'll also be waiting for reviews, mostly to find out if there are any significant technical issues.

indyman7777604d ago

I'm with that no more no mans sky! People where defending that game JUST like this one! They even defended the review ban.

Went out and bought it, and was disappointed. With NO MANS SKY most got lucky, and was given a refund, because they lied about what would be in the game. But with this game there may not be lies to cause you to get a refund.

Just a crappy game that may cause you to get your money back.

jwillj2k4604d ago


Those are all the blind sheep. Nothing wrong with waiting for reviews on a game that's on its 3rd demo and has yet to win the majority over. Hell with all the content out (demos, movie, anime, more demos) they already have enough content out for a review before the game is even here. I hope it scores at least an 8 but if it looks like a turd and smells like a turd...well, you know the rest.

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