Man Steals Cheque, Kills Parents, Buys Xbox

Sad story. In 2007, Russell Bramlage killed his parents, Dr. Terry Bramlage and Lynda Bramlage, after they confronted him when he stole two cheques from them. Shot them both in the back, with a shotgun, in cold blood. Three days after the murders, seemingly without a care in the world, he cashed one of the cheques in and original Xbox. Bramlage was later arrested by police, and pleaded guilty to murder charges, for which he'll face up to 20 years in prison without parole.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3417d ago

I am a troll but this one is just too ridiculous.Open Zone will have a ball.

Pain3417d ago

how is this important?

-_-3417d ago

[[themart is very pathetic,did you see his shameful comment below]]

Silogon3417d ago

He bought an original xbox? An original? Let me get this straight, an original xbox? WOW! This guy is a piece of work, but as big of a joke he is, the courts where he was convicted of only 20 years is a bigger joke. 20 years without parole, huh? 10 years per life he took and his own parents no less... Sounds fair to me. what a broken system. This guy should have gotten life w daily broom jobs in the ass.

Le-mo3417d ago

From the article:. "His siblings endorsed a plea agreement that recommends their younger brother serve life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years."

Le-mo3417d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic.

TheColbertinator3417d ago


LightningPS3 is American.He only thinks America is important.So therefore,he is not familiar with British terms.


"Cheque" is check.

ChefDejon3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

and i was questioning what cheques were... till i used common sense

TheColbertinator3417d ago

I did'nt mean it like that.I meant that Lightning has stated before that he is an American and he only understands America.He did'nt use common sense and I pointed that out to Le-Mo

VF34EJ253417d ago

LOL Lightning360 totally got "pwned"

Panthers3417d ago

It doesnt take much thought to realize that cheque is check. They sound the exact same. Just like color and colour.

The fact he only understands America has nothing to do with his ability to use common sense or thought.

VF34EJ253417d ago


I'm sure his face is red now reading all these comments. Must really hurt his soul inside asking something so stupid.

Sitdown3417d ago

I can not believe this person got bashed so bad. An "innocent" post by somebody who could honestly not have known.....

@Panther, while they might sound the same.....people who might only know English, will not necessarily read them the same.....especially if they did not know that "cheque" is not an English word. Need I introduce "Colonel"?

bruiser813417d ago

Hey don't let this dude sour you one americans, not all of us are that simple. I knew what cheques were from the beginning.

PimpHandStrong3417d ago

well i guess i have been in London and Ireland so i understand what he meant

but at first i thought he stole some form of cake then killed then u cant buy a 360 with cake


anyway just to put some childish flamebait on top of a truely sad story

this guy is the perfect example of a 360 owner.....jk

FantasyStar3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

That was entirely uncalled for. Seriously man, uncalled for. Not all of us are familiar with the british terms, but that doesn't make us bigots either. Like it took me until CoD2 to realize a lorry was another word for "truck." No one told me about it, but I never thought truck was a better term for lorry either even after I learned it. Don't drag racism into your sick game of fanboyism or even your personal motives for a laugh cause it ain't funny to me, you little prick.

robep33417d ago

another 10yrs for buying an xbox!


dro3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

facepalm...... !!!!!!!!!


r2kcipher3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

whats an America?

it didnt take me long to find out what a cheque was but.. but you guys need to realize the US saturates the world with its media.. and the english language is spoken and writen differently throughout the world.. so be more open minded and understanding.. its not too hard for people to think they know America.. from what the media tells them..

CaitSith3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Sorry, but I'm hoping just like Le-mo that you're being sarcastic, LOL.

Back to the article..AN ORIGINAL XBOX?! ARE YOU $%^[email protected]*% KIDDING ME?! I teared up a little just hearing that stupid news. I feel really sorry for his parents, and the people affected by this pointless tragedy!

Fowack3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

OH and btw.............. it's nice to be Canadian i can literaly undertand any language or acsent on earth

Dino3417d ago

but it's truly pathetic that he bought a last gen system. What a backwoods douche' nozzle.

Millah3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Wow Steven Colbert, shut your pretentious little mouth up. Being American, or knowing only American, has absolutely nothing to do with using common sense. What an arrogant little prick you are. F-ing wanker.

Do you know how to count to ten in Japanese? So should I call you ignorant to every other culture besides Britain? Does that make you a bigot? Stupid Brit.

bomboclaat_gamer3417d ago

stoopido. trolling at its worst. stupido

dktxx23416d ago

Enough with the bashing. Honest mistake. God damn, you click on an article involving murder and you all act like a bunch of pricks.

VF34EJ253416d ago

What you guys don't realize is that Lightning is a troll. So you go ahead and defend the guy all you want. But that won't change him. He'll still go around trolling all the articles. So it's deserving he gets a slap in the face when he asks a stupid question.

Sitdown3416d ago

So if he is identified as a troll......and asked a "stupid question".....why is he being bashed, when asking the question could just have been party of him trolling again? Which would make him that people are going at him right on cue, according to what could have been his plan to begin with..

jadenkorri3416d ago

lightningps3, if you don't know what "cheques" are, go back to school, this is just another example showing how arrogant Americans are..
on top of it all, ChefDejon, FantasyStar, Millah, almost defend him in not knowing that check is cheques... The world spells "Cheque" the correct way, while America in their arrogant way spells it "Check". Same goes for a lot of words.. thats why their is American English and Canadian/European English....

SaiyanFury3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I wouldn't call it arrogance for not knowing that "checks" are called "cheques" elsewhere in the world. I'd call it ignorance. So the guy didn't know about spellings outside the US. That's no reason to blast the guy for arrogance. Don't condemn one person for the education he received. The same education is taught throughout the entire US. Blasting one person for not knowing that "check" is "cheque" in other English speaking countries doesn't make sense. If you want to blame something, blame the American educational system, not the recipients of said education. He was taught that "check" was the proper spelling. That is what he knows. Maybe he should learn to look outside his own country, but knocking the guy just for not knowing that "cheque" is another way to spell "check" is pretty low.

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mohib-uddin79865323417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Stupid Xbox Fanboys

they shoulod stop making games like Halo or mroe stupid kids who think they are power ranger will try to imitate and die ! ! !

Dmitry Orlov3417d ago

Before making a comment, go learn some grammar.

mfwahwah3417d ago

Sorry to say, but your sentence isn't exactly perfect either. That's if you want to get anal about grammar. I think you should though, because if you bash someone's grammar without making yours flawless, then it makes you look kind of hypocritical.

I don't care about my grammar though, just sayin' that you should check yours if your going to be someone who does that. (I know my comment looks hypocritical too though lol).

BabyStomper50003417d ago

huked on foniks werked fur mee :D

Fishy Fingers3417d ago

"and original Xbox"

...sick f***.