Console Monster: Madden NFL 09 Review

Console Monster writes: "In the past 20 years we have seen Mario go from side-scroller to space flyer. We have seen Sonic go from fast 16-bit graphics to a 3D adventure. In 20 years we have been introduced to a countless number of games and a numerous amount of consoles. Twenty years has shown us a lot, but this year in particular marks the 20th anniversary for the best selling American football game of all time - Madden.

The number one complaint, when it comes to gamers and Madden, is that there is not much innovation from year to year. One year gamers are introduced to defensive audibles, the next year we have a special "quarterback vision" that helps the gamer throw more accurate passes, and yet another year there is an option for offence and defence to "read-and-react" which is essentially changing your play at the line of scrimmage; something you had been able to do for two years already on current-gen consoles. For most gamers this does not constitute innovative thinking..."

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