LittleBigChallenge 004: Design a Magazine Ad

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"Here's your chance to dazzle us and our Marketing team :) with your own spin on LittleBigPlanet print advertising. We'd love to see what you guys would do within a magazine ad to talk to the millions of readers out there. We want to see it all...headlines, copy, feature highlights...the usual stuff when you open up your favorite magazine. So, pretend you have an unlimited budget, and design away. P.S. - don't feel locked down to 2 pages, go "big" or go "little" its up to you..."

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lwhatee3541d ago

and bubbles for stating the truth

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

...That's a IMPOSSIBLE Challenge!!! ;-D

cemelc3541d ago

This game can do anything (GOTY)

juuken3541d ago



Nathaniel_Drake3541d ago

October is having its moments for the PS3 just like November, with LBP coming out Bioshock coming out and I think Eternal Sonata is coming out to

Does anybody know when Valkyrie chronicles is coming out?

UltimateIdiot9113541d ago

Sony needs to unlock the Cell processor's full potential, time travel ability. I believe Valkyrie chronicles come out on Nov. 11. I'm going to be so broke this holiday season.

cemelc3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

November i think

Edit: lol you beat me to it

I almost forgot about that game, thats not good for the wallet

juuken3541d ago

Yeah, Valkyria Chronicles is coming in November.

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Le-mo3541d ago

Media Molecule is looking mighty delicious for Sony to eat up right now.

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