X-Play Is Bringing You Tokyo Game Show

This October, you don't have to take a flight to Japan to experience the greatness that is Tokyo Game Show. X-Play is taking you there by bringing you exclusive Hands On demos, behind the scenes coverage, and World Premieres. Gaming's future starts now!

Don't miss X-Play's weeklong coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2008, coming this October, only on G4!

Also, be sure to visit for all the latest from Tokyo. We'll have all the new trailers, game footage, and news direct from the Land of the Rising Sun. It's all here at, and it's all TGS!

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QueefyB_Angelitos3322d ago

Yay, Olivia Munn will scare away all the xbots there. Xbots are scared of beauty.

AngryXbot3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

live streamed or what.

If not = epic fail.

Whats wrong with staying up and following it?

Also, it doesnt matter what the timezone is, it depends on when the conference takes place!


kydrice3322d ago

You want to stay up and watch it in the middle of the night? You do know Tokyo is on the other side of the world right? They don't mean Little Tokyo in L.A...Your sense of time zones = epic fail.

TheMART3322d ago

@ kydrice

Tokyo the other side of the world?

It all depends on where you are living if its the other side of the word or not. It might be for you but N4G is world wide.

Your sense of the world (it ends with the borders of USA I guess) = epic fail

TheColbertinator3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )


kydrice3321d ago

Yea because G4 and X-play ISN'T an American broadcasting channel/program am i rite? Your sense over all = Epic mtherfukn fail. Good luck wiping your ass.

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VampHuntD3322d ago

This MAY be interesting

TheColbertinator3322d ago

Bold.I hope sometime in the future we can see an entire conference in Japanese.I know the host of the Microsoft show is American but I wonder who the speakers for Sony and Nintendo are.Hopefully Kaz will return with his pink shirt lol

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3322d ago

Kaz set to return to dominate with his pink shirt Muahahahaha

uie4rhig3322d ago

any news on live coverage of the conferences?

also when is TGS?

mfwahwah3322d ago

Won't be live for xplay is my guess, considering the time difference and whatnot.

I'll be watching this though, can't wait to see what it's like :P

uie4rhig3321d ago

thx and bubbles for you two

SaiyanFury3322d ago

Great and they bring their G4 bias against Japanese games to a Japanese games show. It'd be something to watch just to see the new Japanese games coming out. Just don't pay attention to the opinions of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb and you'll be fine. Should be interesting.

beavis4play3322d ago

and kevin pereira is someone to listen to? remember his late night rant on too human? olivia munn knows absolutely nothing about games (or anything else for that matter); so, i guess the coverage is good to show what games are there, but, hardly for any of the G4 hosts opinions.
i wish they'd bring back laura foy, tina wood, diane masota and geoff keighly.

mfwahwah3322d ago

People watch G4 for the hosts? I never even notice them. For E3 I listened to the devs and watched the videos.

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