Game Argus: TNA iMPACT! Review

Game Argus writes: "With decent production values and a diverse wrestling engine, TNA iMPACT! initially seems like wrestling fans have finally received a sequel to the N64 classic classic WWF No Mercy. Digging deeper, and dealing the atrocious AI, one quickly comes to realize this feels more like a beta than a finished release.

iMPACT! does one thing right. It captures the frantic pacing and style of the federation. Almost all TNA bouts are high-flying and rapidly paced. Thankfully, the game handles this admirably. The original and competently designed engine is up to the task.

As with No Mercy, there are two types of attacks: strong and weak. The modifier is set to LB, increasing the strength of both strikes and grapples. This is quick to grasp and intuitive to use. The left analog stick handles what type of maneuver is delivered to your opponent. At first, this all works beautifully. Matches carry a natural and realistic flow. It's later on into the story mode (where you unlock everything) where things quickly take a tumble."

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