Online Gaming...Watch Your Mouth?

With online gaming becoming more and more popular with PSN and XBOX Live, should we be more concerned with how people act while online? In this video you will see someone that is not just 'enjoying' a game, he is potentially ruining it for everyone else. These words can hurt and offend other people who decide to play online. Yes, they can also be funny which a lot of responses to this video have been for comedic purposes, but what if a kid is around? On the other side of the argument, should a kid be playing a 'M' rated game anyways and therefore he/she is going to hear things online that the orator has no punishment for. Why should people watch their mouth in an online 'M' rated match? Not just for the kids though, why can't we all just play together in a kind matter? Would you have more fun playing and talking "trash" or playing and complimenting? I'm not putting my opinion in this just the questions. See video for evidence (Harsh language used)...

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DavidMacDougall3592d ago

Jack why would you wana stick someone else's penis in your mouth??!!

You stay on XbotLive boy we dont want your sort around here

Time_Is_On_My_Side3592d ago

I played with a guy very similar to this person when I was playing 3 vs. 3 on the PlayStation 3. I purposely did things to piss the guy off; what baffles my mind is why are they so serious? I understand everyone wants to win, but jeez, lol.

Ice2ms3592d ago

yeah that happened to me once but i wasnt taking any of it so I dished him up some pwnage

Ateanboy3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Luckily, most games have a thing called MUTE that was created in preperation of exactly such an event occurring.

Press the mute button, get on with the game. Get on with your life.

There will ALWAYS be IDIOTS like this online just like there will ALWAYS be IDIOTS that dont flush the toilet after taking a sh*t in a public restroom, leaving the sh*t to stink up the whole restroom for hours upon hours until you go in cause you gotta take a piss.

Don't waste your time and energy making articles and b*tching about it and simply mute the son of a b*tch. Simple.

gameraxis3592d ago

but regarding the language in general, I've been know to drop a bomb every so often, not too excessive, but censorship should go with the rating of the game. M game, sailor talking with ur buddies should be ok, T, every so often, and under shouldn't hear any bombs.

But in NO WAY is this kind of $H!T acceptable, I'm just talking about bar talk, not this crap, kid needs a counselor!!!

TheWickedOne3592d ago

Jeopardy online has some filthy mofos.

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The story is too old to be commented.