Siliconera: Hands on Ubeat, the US version of Jubeat

Siliconera writes: "Konami's new music game doesn't have a dance pad or a funky plastic music instrument. Ubeat aka Jubeat in Japan has a four by four grid of plastic buttons. The sixteen buttons illuminate with patterns prompting players to press them on beat. Ubeat still emphasizes timed rhythm presses, but the game is different from Guitar Freaks and Beatmania. New players have to scan the grid to see which button you need to hit. Ubeat's interface is also flexible. The easier songs have basic patterns where you follow a slow moving trail of single button presses. At a harder difficulty level the same song had a wave of lights moving upwards, then a horizontal zig-zag, and later a switch to a flurry of double button hits. You need fast fingers and a good memory for the most challenging levels. Ubeat can get complicated when all of the buttons light up with exploding fireworks."

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Its been quite a while since Arcade news.The only games getting Arcade previes are Tekken 6 and BlazBlue