Control Light Saber Using Your Wiimote in Upcoming Star Wars Game

The upcoming Star Wars game for the Wii will allow you to control the lightsaber using your Wiimote.

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chanmasta3479d ago

... Sweet!

But I was hoping for Wii MotionPlus :(

Polluted3479d ago

Why is lightsaber control like the holy grail of wii-mote usage? Surely there are other cool things we could be doing with a wii.

Perjoss3479d ago

Zack & Wiki uses the wiimote in really cool ways, it also has good gfx (for a gamecube game) and some fiendish and clever puzzles. wii lightsaber game? unless it uses motion plus prepare to WAGGLE!

lsujester3479d ago

There most definitely are other cool ways to use the Wiimote. But there is always something inherently cool about swinging around to actually control the lightsaber.

However, I still don't particularly care for the usage of it in Force Unleashed. I would much rather have it first person and actually correspond to exactly what my hand is doing. Actually deflecting and attacking would be much cooler than just making motions. Sort of like the first person mode of Bushido Blade, except with physical control of the sword.

Fux4Bux3479d ago

Why even title it like this if it's not 1:1 control? Obviously you're controlling a Wii game with the Wiimote.

I can tell why the 360/PS3 version looks so terrible now....

ChickeyCantor3478d ago

uhm..the Wii and PS2 games are done by different teams.
The Ps3 and 360 did not suffer because of those games.

DarkBlood3479d ago

i have a ps3 and wii and i was going to get it for the ps3 but seeing how fux4bux said he can see why the other versions look terrible which is making me confuse but from what i know is the wii version is obviously different from the other ones ground up plus heard the levels are different.

im not sure but i heard it has a light saber duel mode or was that for the other star war game coming soon
can anone comfirm this

Mahr3478d ago

Yeah, the Wii version of The Force Unleashed is the one with the Multiplayer Duel Mode. They show some of it in the above video.

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