YouGamers: Spore Review

YouGamers writes: "Will Wright and his EA-funded army at Maxis have been tinkering away with Spore for years. Usually when development schedules start to stretch, either there is something deeply flawed with the gameplay that needs tinkering or the developers are taking extra care to ensure that everything is polished before unleashing their masterpiece to the world. Spore is no exception - in many ways it's a very polished piece of digital entertainment. It also tries many new concepts, yet ultimately falls back to familiar game mechanics and has it's fair share of issues.

The basic idea of Spore has always been very interesting - it's effectively "SimEverything", a game starting from the cell level in the primordial soup and ending in galactic domination with a species that you have guided and nurtured all the way through the evolutionary ladder. From goo to master of the universe, all in an afternoon."

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