Games32: GC - Codename: Panzers - Cold War - Game Preview

Games32 writes: "After a long period of silence, it was our surprise to find under the Atari booth at this year's Games Convention, a long forgotten, yet equally anticipated title: Codename: Panzers. After switching development studios, the game is now developed by the Hungarians at InnoGlow. Since StormRegion, the initial developers, are also Hungarians, I can't tell exactly if some, most or all the members switched to this new firm. What I do know is that Cold War is beginning to take shape, and there is hope for Panzers fans - and all RTS fans in general.

As you may or may not know, Codename: Panzers takes place in an alternate historic timeline where the Soviet Union invaded France and West forces are fighting against the red army."

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