Games32: A Stroke Of Fate Preview

Games32 writes: "Developed by Spline and published by Akella, A Stroke of Fate is an interactive detective story located in a fascist Germany in the 1940's. You play as Adolf Mayer, a special sabotage and espionage agent who has to infiltrate into Adolf's closest minions. All the way you have to conduct him and help him to act as a true German patriot. The story includes several chapters, each chapter presenting a new attempt of Hitler's assassination, based on true events, featuring authentic places and historical personalities: Muller, Goebbels, Himmler, and Hitler. I had the opportunity to test the pre-alpha of this game which includes the second chapter. It begins with your arrival at the Ziegenberg castle (or Adlerhost, as Hitler named it), which was hiding a secret compound made up of seven buildings. In this compound in winter 1944, Hitler and Himmler were hiding here. Your character has to infiltrate in that compound and to prepare the preterm death of Hitler."

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