Angry No Man's Sky Players are Raising Money for Charity Because Sean Murray Won't Speak to Them

The No Man's Sky subreddit has set up a charity campaign to mark 90 days of Sean Murray not discussing the game.

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Yi-Long275d ago

Wow, they're still angry? Over what? The game is what it is, and what it always set out to be. I watched the previews and teasers/trailers, and when I bought it, I knew what to expect and that's what I got.

They should be angry with themselves, for perhaps having unrealistic expectations or for simply getting hyped up for a game which in the end just wasn't for them...

Apocalypse Shadow275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Just wondering..

Do the ships fly differently yet and have you been able to go into one of the portals? Does joining one side in battle affect your standing with the other alien races? Any giant worms moving through the dessert sand?Because that's what I saw and heard from the trailers and Sean.

More like misleading and unfinished when I bought it.

Eonjay274d ago

If everything that someone was outraged over led to a charitable fundraiser we could save the world in a week.

IamTylerDurden1274d ago

How could u see any of those things in a trailer? Other than perhaps the worm. Would the things u mentioned really change what the game is? No. The game is the basic experience it was shown to be, it's a 71 metacritic, go cry over something else.

Army_of_Darkness274d ago

These people shouldn't be complaining considering the fact that they bought the game based on hype alone, rather than wait for a few reviews before deciding on the purchase.. It's their own fault because this is no different from buying a 4ktv, don't just buy based on a cheap price, do some research and go from there.

vega275274d ago (Edited 274d ago )


I'm convince you either work for hello games or are getting a check to defend it. I have never agreed with apocalypse shadow but in this case. He absolutely right. Sean said those things was in the game and it has already been proven that he flat out lied. So stop with the bu bu bu its 71 on metacritic. That only proves that the critics who reviewed this game wasn't honest. Especially when you look at other games getting low scores for not even half the problems NMS launched with.

GT67274d ago

If Hello Games made another game no one would buy it.
Sean Murray not in Position to hype anyone these days .
NMS Blackball Hello games.

XanderZane274d ago

Agreed and I don't see any reply back from Yi-Long. lol! Definitely an unfinished game and Sean Murray probably took a permanent vacation away from the public and social media.

DanteVFenris666273d ago

Those are minour features. That got axed. If anything they should have just been more quite an indies study first time in the spotlight and they just said too much too soon.

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S2Killinit274d ago

Its getting old now. We get it you didn't like the game. Leave the developers alone.

mogwaii274d ago

Like they left all our moneys from the sales of this abysmal game alone right?, please.

S2Killinit274d ago

Didnt they? A lot of people returned and got refunded. Others who played it for hours were rightfully rejected. Besides, at some point you just gotta let it go.

quent274d ago

publishers rely on empathy and keeping quiet so when people eventually forget/move on to newer things they can repeat the trend of doing it all over again which is announcement/doctored screenshots/hype-marketing/pre order bonuses/previews(vertical slice)/beta testing(customer based bug testing)/review embargo's/?/profit!

Apocalypse Shadow274d ago

Not sure if you're replying to me S2, but I still have the game on my hard drive. If there is such a thing as digital dust, then no man's sky is collecting digital dust on my hard drive as I can't seem to bring myself to play it anymore because parts of the game are missing, Sean is a lier and now they won't even speak to owners letting them know what's up with the game and if it will be updated. That's BS to me.

I followed the game until it's release. Even went to PSX in Vegas and listened to the guy being interviewed about their game. He's a lier and is now hiding behind lawyers.

Angeljuice274d ago


The poor man has had to go into hiding because of the harassment he has suffered over a video game.

Nobody lost their livelihood or life's savings, it was a luxury item. People pay more for cologne and don't threaten Dior if they don't like the smell.

Do you really think anybody wants to repeat the experience of being berated and abused by tens of thousands of people like Sean Murray has been?

IamTylerDurden1274d ago

Mogwaii, if u bought the game and it was dramatically different then u expected then u simply didn't do enough research. Better luck next time. The core game is exactly what it was shown to be.

Septic274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Wow....leave the developers alone?

This is how people get away with fleecing others. That kind of attitude is the problem. 3 months and no disclosure from the guy who made the game, not even having a courtesy of a statement to disappointed fans.

And now you're passing the buck on to gamers.

And that's why you're part of the problem.

S2Killinit274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

What are you talking about, the guy is getting death threats. Those who were truly upset returned their product by exercising due deligence. Others kept playing then decided that now they want to jump on the i dont like it train. Then there is those that not only never played it, but they dont even have the console to play it, and yet it doesnt stop them from complaining about the game. these I find to be worst than the rest of them.

vega275274d ago

OMG. Yes let's all feel sorry for poor sean murray and hello games who made millions and their publisher millions off lying to gamers and denying them refunds based off false advertising and being a broken game at launch by both. Yes they are the victim here. /s

Sorry i don't feel sorry for them. They deserve everything they are getting. They have no intention of updating the game or answer any questions of why the game launched in the state it was in with all the delays or why they weren't honest from the start about the progress of the game.

People have a right to be angry and express it else this type of behaviour will continue. The more we keep talking about it. The more hello games and other dev's know that they can't do this shit and move on to the next game and people will just forget and buy your next new trash game.

xDealtwithIt274d ago

So gamers get to rag on ubi, microtransactions, CoD, Xbox constantly but please, please leave No Man Sky and Sean Murray alone.

Leave a game that was over hyped, under developed, charged full price and complete garbage alone.

The sony defence is ridicolous. But instead of facing the problem we get fanboys just going around accusing everyone of never playing it and worse yet not even owning a ps4. As if that solves the problem.

S2Killinit274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

OHH so its about MS and Sony! I was wondering why people are being unreasonable about this. Its xbots being xbots, you shoul have said so earlier so I dont waste my time arguing rationally.

So in that case yeah, gets your pitch forks out, fudge the law right? I mean if what he did was wrong, who needs the law, you know where this type of dispute is settled? Instead lets all send him death threats because he is no longer human and our fake outrage is more important than his life, health, and reputation.

vega275274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Oh S2Killinit

Stop with the victim s@$t. Sony had a hand in it too. They helped get the word out about this game and knew the state of the game before and after release. They even delayed the review til after the game launch when it was too late for those that pre-ordered the game base off the hype they help it garnered. All sony cared about was getting their cut of the money they made from the game and not about how unhappy gamer felt they were lied to and cheated out of their hard earned money.

Also stop acting like ps4 was the only place to play NMS cause it wasn't. I don't own a ps4, ps4 pro nor will i buy one. But i did buy the game on steam. Which was were i was able to get my refund back unlike many that do own a ps4. In which sony denied them.

Stop acting like every complaint only comes from X1 owner when in-fact many sonyfan and steam fan are outraged. You can go to the forums and read pages of complaint from ps4 and steam owners.

xDealtwithIt274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

As usual, instead of adressing the actual problem let's blame the xbots!

As Vega said this game wasn't even exclusive it was on the PC. And instead of Hello Games actually making the game's UI more fluid for PC they instead lazily ported over NMS to the PC with all the UI flaws and crashes from the PS4.

Let's not address that though, it was the xbots that are being unreasonable. This only proves that as long as a game is at least associated with Sony in some way you won't mind the actual end product no matter how bad it is. "Just blame xbots."

And so concerned about Sean's health? Lol, were you concerned with the many sony fanboys sending death threats to Square over FF13 coming to 360.

Oooh poor Sean, made millions off us by selling a shitty ass game. Yea, I'm so concerned for him.

Mehmeh273d ago

" I dont waste my time arguing rationally. "

When do you ever, lmao :'D

InTheZoneAC273d ago

no rationalizing with trolls, they just disagree with no basis.

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mogwaii274d ago

The delusion is strong with this one.

Dabigsiebowski274d ago

It's a shame not everyone got a refund. Hello Games are just uuntalented crooks. No surprise some of the staff have left, no future in Hello Games.

Orbilator274d ago

I'm loving it , intact I gave my hard copy away and bought it on digital. Wish people would stop telling me what I fooking like and what's a crap game and how every body hates it when its clearly not the case. I seen people joining ps4 communities, which are set up for people who like the game, just to moan about something. Well I wish they would all just get Tae fook

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IamTylerDurden1274d ago

These are the ppl creating the toxic environment, they are the reason Sean has remained silent. Ppl aren't robots, would you stay and let an angry mob throw stones at you?

Dabigsiebowski274d ago

I wouldn't allow people to throw stones at me if I can back it up. Sean Murray and Hello Games can't back it up. The game had a long dev time and countless delays. They shot themselves in the foot.

Corpser274d ago

The game is missing so many advertised features, people knew there would be little mp but turns out there's none, Sean needs to answer questions not hiding

Allsystemgamer274d ago

If you thought the trailers were representative of the final're very gullible and blind. Half the shit in the trailers isn't in the game.