Crysis Warhead: delayed in Australia

Crysis Warhead's release date has been delayed by 1 week, to be released on the 25th of September.

This will sure make many teenagers(and others) unhappy in Australia as school holidays are set to begin on the original release date of 18th (or 19th).

Can you wait a week? Or will you import the game to make up a few days?

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Godem3321d ago

I hate how Australia always gets the short end of the stick!!!

if I can import with a definite ability of getting it before the Aussie release date, with the price being about the same, i will... if not, i guess ill wait :(

XboxOZ3603321d ago

It almost always does mate. We might have the highest gamers per-capita, but we have a piddling little amount of gamers in the great scheme of things, so where on the bottom of the "must send it there" list.

Immortal Kaim3321d ago

that sucks big time, hope its the only delay out of all the upcoming games

Godem3321d ago

but the delay puts it closer to all the big games!!

its only competitor was going to be Star Wars TFU, but as it seems reviews arent praising the game, im sure Crysis would have nothing to worry about.

stupid EA..

XboxOZ3603321d ago

Bugger, and we wanted to do a review on that as well. Yes, we're a Xbox site, but it's a bloody good game, and we'll review any game we think deserves it, and this is one of those games.

Plus with Crytek now heading to consoles with these games, it'll be interesting to see how this game compares to the one they will be dropping on the 360 when that happens in '09.

TheIneffableBob3321d ago

I don't believe Crytek have specified a date for when they will release a console game.

M337ING3321d ago

And it won't be a Crysis game. It'll have to be specifically designed for the 360's limitations.

jay23321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

HAHAHAHA, not in the UK for once thank god. where the F is Manhunt 2 take2, I mean, you spend god knows how much on an appeal, make changes and get the game approve, don't give us a release date and 4 months later we're still none the wiser!