New Playstation Home Video and Screenshots

All video on this page has been compressed and converted from the original High Definition version.

Step right in and make yourself at home in this vast 3D community, available exclusively on PLAYSTATION Network.
PS Home is a 3D social gaming service for the ever-growing community of PLAYSTATION 3 users. Set in a beautifully rendered High Definition world, you'll be able to create a unique avatar and interact with other PS3 users, sharing game experiences and creating your own personal space.


by the way for anyone clicking on the link, click the video which is under the screenshots thanks.

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Endorphin3593d ago

Its truly amazing how we might get the opportunity to speak to game developers through Home, it will be such a great way of uniting the PlayStation gaming community.

Close_Second3593d ago

...that would be cool. I can't wait to chat with the developer(s) of the COD4 lobby system on consoles. Ask him/her/them what it was like developing their first ever lobby system and if it beat working at McDonalds...which is probably where they should have stayed.

Markh20013593d ago

yer i know that will be so good, least they can hear what we want in games woohooo lol

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3593d ago

When it comes to eye-opening innovations,Sony always suceeds.The progressive strategies make sure we are dedicated to a 10 year life cycle and we satisfy the consumers constantly.

Sony innovates,Microsoft imitates.

AngryXbot3593d ago

I summon thee. Take us HOME and cast thy spell of doom on the 360.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3592d ago

I actually disagree Xbot.The 360 is a frivilous thing of the past which nobody cares about anymore.

AngryXbot3593d ago

360 is fked!


Destroyers of the 360.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3593d ago

Hahahaha No.The 360 already destroys itself with its shoddy hardware.

Freezingduck3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

No wonder, Xbots are homeless...pun intended

Hagaf223593d ago

i must be the only one, but im sick of seeing screen shots, i guess its because i havent had a chance to get in there and play yet, but everything looks the same, its seemingly the same images in my perspective, i know those in the beta know otherwise, its just hard to see for me having not had a chance to dabble in it.

Freezingduck3592d ago

Ok I just butcher an awesome quote...

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The story is too old to be commented.