Sony determines when the next gen is...

DCI from explains how Sony is the company that determines when the next generation of gaming starts.

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Raoh3510d ago

very well put........... i agree

HighDefinition3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Because it`s true. :)

Sorry, but it is.

IMO, atleast.

Hydrolex3510d ago

SoNY ! We are not in Hurry !!! We don't want Hardware Failure, so put as much as time you want to make another best console and another winner.

nbsmatambo3510d ago

i had never thought of it like that

mikeslemonade3510d ago

When you say start of Nextgen you mean Wii2, 720, and PS4? Normally the loser will start next gen because the winner has no reason to bring out the next system if they are already winning and making money. PS3 will not be the loser of this generation. The loser looks like it's gonna be the 360 and Microsoft will most likely start the next generation once again.

This happened with sega and nintendo. When sega lost they brought the genesis after the nintendo and then they brought out the saturn when the genesis lost. The saturn lost to the snes and playstation, and so they brought out the dreamcast.

marionz3510d ago

as much as sony may produce great consoles i still feel like they are always late to the party, yes they were lucky there lies of toy story graphics on ps2 worked otherwise who knows how they would have fared last gen, but people are more open to makeing up there own mind based on facts now, i hope they do well this gen but no i dont think they say when next gen starts, i think they are like the person that turns up late to the party then trys to make it look like being late is cool.

mfwahwah3510d ago

PS2 wasn't late to the party.

PS3 released before the Wii, so how come Wii isn't in your analogy?

And PS3 and Wii weren't late, 360 was just early (MS projected an '05 release for PS3, but didn't know they would delay it a year).

Bubble Buddy3510d ago

"The PS3 introduces breakthrough technologies to gaming. It has a new data format (Blu Ray), wireless technology (Blu Tooth), and a new processor (Cell). It is truly a media center which in my opinion is the next step that consoles was destined to take. The PS3 doesn’t just move past the last system, it leaps forward."

That is true.

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PoSTedUP3510d ago

^ i totally agree. and this article made a good point about nex generation games and how you arent going to see games like MAG on the 360 or wii. sony took a huge step with blu-ray and the cell processor and that gives them a big advantage over the competition.

Perjoss3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

its funny to hear people always talking about how powerful the cell is when the clear bottleneck in gaming these days is in the graphics card and NOT in the processor, why do you think SO many PC gamers settle for core2duo instead of a quad core even though quad cores are dirt cheap now. PS3 and 360 are pretty much on par when it comes to the gfx cards.

As for the next generation, the phases are now offset with microsoft releasing the 720 (or whatever it will be called) in about 2 or 3 years but sony will not release a new console for at 2 years after that. It will be a repetition of the current gen launches but with a bigger gap with Sony always playing catch up. microsofts console will be significantly more powerful than the ps3 otherwise whats the point right?

PoSTedUP3510d ago

graphics card? id rather play amazing games with lots of action and enemy's on screen wile enemy's have good AI, and that's what separates the ps3 from the 360 cause the 360 isnt up to par when it comes to processing power and till this day you haven't seen a game on the 360 with as much action and enemy's on screen as a ps3 exclusive ok. i love how people talk sh*t and say something like "with Sony always playing catch up."- like they were playing catch up last generation???/sarcasm, dont act like it has happened all the time and like wasn't the xbox graphics card more powerful than the ps2's last generation??? huh? yea what happened? its NOT about the graphics card... look at the wii XD. and how do you know the 720 will be more powerful, because the 720 will come out first??? well... didn't 360 come out first this generation also??? and look how that turned out XD. cmon dude, you act like you know alot when you are just talking out your ass and like where are your facts dude? are you just saying these things HOPING they will come true? holla.

NipGrip3510d ago

Then tell me why no games on the 360 look as good as Heavenly Sword? Or Uncharted? Or MGS4? Or on and on and on and on.. Why does Mercenaries textures look better? Etc.

Rhoic3510d ago

Actually.. he's right.. And wait wut? The 360 has games that have multitudes of enemies on screen.

Gears of War 2

Dead Rising

Left 4 Dead



And no.. the number of players online doesn't depend on how well the CPU can crunch numbers.. it revolves around the limitations and restrictions of the online service, and how the game is set up.

Trust me.. I've done waaaay too many analysis on the Cell.. and it's mainly theoretical.

But this is just going to get rated down to the fact that people want something like this to not be true.. *sigh*

Rhoic3510d ago


because it's uncompressed data.

Rhoic3510d ago

@Nipgrip.. my bad ^ ^.. haven't had too much sleep lol.

PoSTedUP3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

gears2 isnt out yet and those enemys arent even on the same level as you are ok. all those other game you named do have alot of enemys on screen but they dont have good AI ok and thats a fact, dead rising??? lol! and im talking hundreds and hundreds of enemy's onscreen, not 10 or 20..... HS= like 700 enemy's onscreen with all doing all these different animations and having good AI, all the action and dynamics on screen of MGS4, all the 500 enemy's on screen on lair, R&C. cmon dog, youve done alot of analysis on the cell???? trust you?!?!??! you sound full of crap dog, for real lol. i wouldn't trust you even if you worked for sony. XD you not helping either by naming thoes sorry games... (not saying gears1 or 2 is sorry though , it just doent have alot going on screen as ps3 games ok)

"And no.. the number of players online doesn't depend on how well the CPU can crunch numbers"

who said anything about the CPu???? im talking games for games here. the 360 is still yet to prove that it can do what the ps3 and the cell can do and you haven't seen it yet till this date.

*11 hour shift today*- whew! im beat.. time for some SOCOM! >: )~

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tocrazed4you3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Fanboy, or not seriously have got to agree with that article. It made valid points with facts and what nots. The only bad thing about leaping forward is that the developers aren't ready or prepared for it. As you can see in the first year of the ps3 life style where games weren't that good for it. Now its picking up some steam though. Same can be said for the xbox 360 and its first year.

UltimateIdiot9113510d ago

Change has to be made, risk has to be taken, if no companies take chances then we probably be still stuck in the past. Sony definitely sets the bar.

JayD-1K3510d ago

the MAJOR problem Sony has had this generation is development support!games are going to look the same as last generation because devs are still stuck there. things were easier for them then and it's realy hard work from them now...on the PS3!

Sony was late to the online party but, if HOME does what it's supossed to do, they pass MS just on the sheer level of interaction with the devs, games, and community.

and the "Sony Fanboy" comments are funny but sad. because if you don't think Sony is leading the way.....just look at the change in harware specs from the launch 360 to the new ones. like i said once before, my 360 doesn't have HDMI ports and i only have 20gb of HDD space. XBLG was MS's ace in the hole but they once again realised that Sony was about to gain/pass them, and now WE have the NXE comming out soon! don't be fooled by MS, they know what's going on!

and the Wii, well, it's all about the marketing plan they set out to acomplish, they followed it, and it worked! i wouldn't call it a $250 plug-n-play devise but, (just because of all the stuff you have to plug into for games)but, they have done one thing tha Sony(mainly) and MS have't done is, SHOW A FAMILY USING THE DAMN THING! and with that, they are now KING!

AngryXbot3510d ago

but on PS3.

PS3 is the true next gen console bringing the consumer the next gen in gaming.

Play beyond.

Freezingduck3510d ago

"The Wii and the 360 aren’t that much better than their predecessors. The 360 is just an HD version of the X-Box with better components. It has a better graphics card, processor, and an improved online service. You can buy its hardware off the shelves. If you update your computer’s hardware, is your computer going to the next generation? You would also think something that is in next generation would be considered a better working technology then the last. X-Box didn’t have a 34% failure rate like the 360 does.


The PS3 introduces breakthrough technologies to gaming. It has a new data format (Blu Ray), wireless technology (Blu Tooth), and a new processor (Cell). It is truly a media center which in my opinion is the next step that consoles was destined to take. The PS3 doesn’t just move past the last system, it leaps forward."

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

...When i say so!!! ;-D

Update - Oh look, some sh*t for brains has pressed Disagree for all the PS3 Fans on this page!!! ;-D
POOR POOR SAD Lemming... ;-D

SteveBallmer SonyRep3510d ago

We tryed 2 fight Sony BUT THERE TO STRONG!!

There b!tch slapped my company and told us "there the daddy and always will be"

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theKiller3510d ago

but i wouldnt call wii completely have nothing in the next gen, they r a next gen console interface, means they really to big steps in how people play games, and for that they deserve a credit, but the hardware it self is a shameful console for a next gen consoles!

and i dont agree with him saying 360 have 34% failure rate, its 68% at least!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Your not allowed to say 68% on this!!! ;-D
(It's all covered up by Micro$luts...We have to go into Hiding...M$ Lawyers will be coming after us!!!) ;-D