Call of Duty 4 Gets a Price Drop

COD4 gets a price drop on both platforms!

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Blasphemy3567d ago

It should be $30 considering Call of Duty World at War is right around the corner and it has sold over 10 million copies.

big shadow3567d ago

now i can afford this game

ape0073567d ago

this game is amazing

one of the best games in this gen

am happy that it sold a lot

IW's game worth every cent

go go go IW

and hope for uncharted and mgs 4 to reach this sales cause they both rock

MAR-TYR-DOM3566d ago

Dont like IW. Why are they so "lazy" when it comes to PS3? No trophies even though BF BC got them last week, We got the maps a month after XBL. And we are going to "POSSIBLE" get the map pack 50% off A WEEK after the xbox.

El_Colombiano3566d ago

I agree MAR-TYR-DOM. They are really ticking me off. If you are to charge the PS3 users the same amount of money for the 360 version, we should all get the same exact game.

ape0073566d ago

@ the above

I have the 360 version,it's not a problem for me.

TheIneffableBob3567d ago

Activision needs to stop being so stingy with their DD prices. It's still $50 despite being a nearly year old game. Everywhere else it's $30 or $40.

Stickguy2593567d ago

I should have just waited an extra month before rebuying COD 4.

Excellent game btw, if you don't have it, buy it now.

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The story is too old to be commented.