A Dreaded Conversation

NextGen Player writes:

"Hey Mercenaries 2, come in and sit down next to me for a minute. We need to talk. Don't stare at me like that, you knew this was going to happen. Let's face it, we're not right for each other. I know when we started this thing we agreed it was just for fun. Nothing serious right? No real plot to speak of, Resident Evil-quality dialogue, as much depth as a pothole. That was all ok though, we both knew what we were getting into."

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Silogon3415d ago

But it's still more fun, more accessible and more rewarding to play than GTA4. Go figure..

PirateThom3415d ago

Seriously, it's like the scores for the two reviews of the games have been mixed up.

Mercs 2 is astoundingly fun.

Remember, Rockstar? FUN?! Blowing things up and causing mayhem?

GTAIV may win in graphics, but Mercs 2 wins by a mile in being fun.