GameSpy: TNA iMPACT! Review

GameSpy writes: "TNA iMPACT! is fighting an uphill battle against Smackdown vs. Raw, in more ways than one. The TNA promotion isn't as popular as Vince McMahon's WWE, and Midway's TNA iMPACT! is a debut effort that will be compared directly against a franchise that has been refined and improved upon for close to a decade. The good news is that this undertaking has resulted in a generally enjoyable wrestling game that hearkens back to the beloved wrestling games of previous console generations, with a focus on well-tuned action and rock-solid gameplay. The bad news is that some real head-scratching decisions were made during the game's development that result in a compromised overall experience."

+Capable grappling and location damage system
+Smooth animation and attractive visuals

-Minimal features
-Kicking out of pins is too hard
-Story mode matches are boring
-No Curry Man

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