RPGamer: Infinite Undiscovery Review 2

In the end, Infinite Undiscovery seems to be a game that could have used a bit more work. By no means is it a bad game. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable, but the different aspects of the game present a very mixed bag when it comes to quality. There will be some players that will genuinely love the title for the overall package it brings to the table. Likewise, there will probably be a considerable amount of people who find the title to be completely unenjoyable.

The contrast of both the good and bad elements is incredibly high and may very well be completely overlooked by most who play. Even still, it is probably still worth a play, even if not worth a purchase. The compilation of concepts that Infinite Undiscovery presents is unique enough that a niche group of fans will not only enjoy, but genuinely love it.

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