TeamXbox: TNA Impact! Review

TeamXbox writes: "I'm convinced that no developer will ever make a good wrestling game. And by good, I mean Really good, as in good enough to at least compete with the better sports games in a given year. Heck, I'd be happy if a wrestling game could even compete with a decent fighting game in a given year; there's less competition in the fighter genre and said genre is probably more akin to what studio wrestling games are all about.

Despite what Vince McMahon, John Stossel/Dr. D and Andy Kaufman may have led you to believe, TV wrestling is fake. But developers still need to approach the development of these games as if everything is real. Midway knows this for sure, as they've been involved in making wrestling games for quite some time. Should we automatically assume that Midway has it all figured out in 2008 with TNA Impact!?"

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