RPGamer: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Despite its many, many issues, Infinite Undiscovery actually manages to redeem itself a bit from a certain scene onwards, at which point the story picks up significantly and the characters become a lot more compelling. This scene, unfortunately, is approximately a dozen or more hours into the game, and with a total playtime only running roughly twenty hours, it is simply too late to repair the broken mess that came before.

The game provides an adjustable difficulty, although the difficulty can only be set as the game is beginning, not in the middle. Overall, Infinite Undiscovery is a huge disappointment. It's biggest problem isn't any one area, it's simply that nothing is done well, and as a result there is no compelling reason to play it.

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grimygunz3540d ago

now when RPGgamer gives an RPG lower than 3 out of 5 something is must be wrong with said game. RPGgamer doesn't ususally give out such a low score for any of the games they review. tales of vesp got a 4/5 from them so a 2 star swing is huge. I still stamp the game as a rental as it seems to at least gotten the combat right.