Game Revolution: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Many people don't understand the allure of golf video games, and I can't blame them. If golf isn't already among the least athletic, most action-less (and some would say, most boring) sports in the history of sports, golf video games have to smother it with layers upon layers of numerical information. They're all about taking the maximum potential distance of a club, accounting for the maximum percentage coverage of the club on the ball dependent on its lie, adding or subtracting the height of the hole relative to your current position as well as the height of the triangle created by the z-projection of the wind multiplied by a factor as given by the in-game wind physics that effects the velocity of the ball flight in the air given the loft of the… I think you get the picture."

+ Clean, professional aesthetic
+ Character creation and customization
+ Plenty of modes, online and offline
+ Club Tuner
+ Attributes depend on how you play
- . . .but do not take difficulty into context
- A few limited, if not missing, options
- Character modeling mostly off
- 3-click swing woes

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