Pick Up a 55″ 4K HDR Sony TV and PS4 Pro For Only $999.99 from Amazon

In one of the best countdown to Black Friday deals we've seen to date, consumers can pick up a 55" Sony 4K HDR TV and PS4 Pro console for only $999.99 from Amazon – price matching a recent Best Buy promotion.

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rakentaja522d ago ShowReplies(8)
Spenok522d ago

If you are going to buy a 4K HDR TV, don't skimp and buy a low end model... I.E. this.

jukins521d ago

The average person/gamer would be more than satisfied with this. Only hardcore gamers need go high end

HRoach616521d ago

That's what I was thinking. I just picked up my new tv a week ago roughly. Glad I put a little more down than I planned for mine. Good investment in the end anyway. As long as 8K tv's don't become the norm anytime soon

Mroc13521d ago

4K tvs aren't the norm yet. I think yoiu're safe

C-H-E-F521d ago

Yeah, if you aren't paying atleast 2k for your tv then it's not a proper 4k tv yes it will look really good and display the proper resolution until you put it up against a 2-3k 4k tv then you'll want to kick yourself in the face lOl. Then if you step it up and go OLED well... yeah you will truly understand why watching 4k comparison videos are idiotic. Games truly look beautiful in 4k + HDR, unfortunately you need 4k +HDR to see it lOl.

Pathogenic521d ago

Here is a beautiful Samsung model that just released earlier this year. Has mostly all the features that a premium tv would have accept for the design and look and some additional features that I wouldn't care to use. Honestly this is an amazing set for the everyday consumer. The model is un65ku6290 (Samsung 2016 Model)

It has a lot of amazing reviews from all across the web and I just ordered it this past week. I will be buying a SUHD TV next year when the prices drop by Christmas hopefully.

Barry32171521d ago

I have this, and the 2015 model. One in the living room, the other in the family room. Great TVs. Sure, not the latest and greatest, but like you, I will snag an SUHD next yr.

Sparta07521d ago

@path, lol that's the one I have but the 70" great tv I recommend it.

HRoach616521d ago

I would go with the Samsung KS8000 series. That's a a decent tv but the KS line is so nice. Low lag input, really bright. Really solid tv if your willing to put in a few extra bucks.

ShowanW521d ago

This isnt that good of a tv...

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