RUMOR: Too Human Getting DLC (Details Included)

GameXtract writes "Despite all the mix reviews, and gamer craze rumor has it that Silicon Knights could very well be bringing DLC in the upcoming weeks. An anonymous source has revealed to GameXtract that Silicon Knights is in the works of DLC content that will bring new content to the table. What kind of DLC? For starters he mentioned armor sets as well as a Bank that will appear in the first floor of Aisier."

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HighDefinition3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

But from what I`ve heard.....It needs a PATCH (to fix the targeting system) more than DLC.

MiloGarret3542d ago

Yeah, my first playthrough was with the commando (shooter guy) and after a while it became blatantly obvious SK had not spent much time with the targeting system. It requires a lot of correction and sometimes its downright impossible to get baldur to shoot where you want him to. Other than that I've had a great time with the game, and can't really say I'm experiencing the same frustration Zornik is feeling. I recommend it to all loot whores out there.

3542d ago
MiloGarret3542d ago

Yes, I am aware of that. However, there will be times when I'm trying to shoot a specifik goblin or whatever because its the kind that explodes or simply because its getting close to me and no matter how much I try Baldur f¤%ing refuses to target it.

SCThor3542d ago

but didn't make for disk space reasons. Just like Ninja Gaiden,is stupid that days after release, a DLC is available.

Where are the old days when a game was flawless out of the box, no need of a fix or patch cause no way to patch it was available (before internet era) most games or consoles are rushed and fixes are common business.

MiloGarret3542d ago

I agree with you, releasing content just a few weeks after release when it was all done even before release just to earn a few $ is bullcrap.

On patching flaws games might have, I disagree. Consider how much more complex games are today. I find it positive that things that may be unbalanced can be fixed post release, and other complementary features that may not have been seen the light of day can be incorporated at a later time. Also keep in mind how much more competitive the market is today, publishers pressure devs though not everything is ready, patches give devs a chance to keep perfecting their product indefinitely.

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zornik3542d ago

Yep....the game needs a patch a.s.a.p.
There is a problem with the level-up system....the game is pure frustration when you get around level 45.The enemys r to strong and the game is totaly outbalanced when you get to lvl 35-40 and higher.
Al your gear and items r worth [email protected] and i ask myself the question .......whats the point with leveling up and using the best gear when you can get killed in 3 sec.?????????
I'm using a lvl 50 bio-engineer and the game is pure frustration now.Please release a patch with better balance in the game so we can ENJOY playing the game for extra loot.
Second problem is the it possible to get the camera behind you when you manually lock-on to a target?????In that case you can use the LB button to manually lock-on.
I also encounterd alot of bugs like in co-op it was not possible to see the boss in de ice level for my co-op partner.I fell trough the ground in a single player game,etc.....
Too Human is alot like Phantasy star Online and the bank system is also used in PSO.It's a shame Silicon Knights did a poor job on creating cool bosses in the game like PSO.

Silogon3542d ago

Saying Too human is getting DLC is like saying you finally get Toilet paper to wipe your ass with.

morganfell3542d ago

Good evening sir and welcome to Comodos. Would you care for some crap to go with your poo?

Pain3542d ago


Shane Kim3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Seriously now, It's not even worth it.

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