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Gamespresso: Adventure game fans on console have had a lot of titles to enjoy and get excited about recently. Sadly, Deponia just isn’t one of those game.

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Errorist76758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

Deponia is a great series on did they fuck it up for consoles?!

Edit...they didn't! It's just that the author seems to have some strange overly PC standards. I urge every P&C adventure fan to try it.

quent758d ago

Yeah I myself didn't understand this low score either and thought there was some technical issues with the game, the deponia series is great and stands toe to toe with any of the great PnC's, you can't go wrong with this series when it comes this genre.

Errorist76758d ago

Daedalic games are generally pretty great. They are the last publisher which still focuses on P&C games. I'm curious to try out Silence - The Whispered World 2 which just released.