GameCyte Review: Mount & Blade

GameCyte writes: "After playing a hefty portion of Mount & Blade, a medieval combat sandbox from TaleWorlds and Paradox Interactive, I found it very difficult to summarize the experience. The game presents an alarming amount of substance, hidden under a rough and sometimes forbidding interface. So, instead, I came up with a strained analogy for you to enjoy: Imagine, if you will, an extremely delicious candy bar, filled with a tasty nougat-and-caramel center. Now, let's say you fumble the candy bar while unwrapping it, and it falls into a pile of gravel. The candy bar will no longer appear to be appetizing, and indeed, taking the first bite will be a downright unpleasant experience. What I must emphasize, however, is not to give up - if you can get past the outer layer of gravel, that nougat inside is still well worth the effort."

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