Exclusive MotorStorm Pacific Rift Monster Trucks gameplay

This monsters look very scary. Nice video from Pacific Rift demo. Enjoy!

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ape0073513d ago

oh my I want the demo

this game will knock me out

it has a unique feeling that comes from its physics and graphics

I waaaant it :(

UnSelf3513d ago

HOLY SH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T!!!

i neva got into the 1st Motorstorm (im hating myself rite now for that) and now im loving this one!!!


LightningPS33513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Is Motorstorm, just the graphics alone are killer.

cahill3513d ago

There is nothing more fun than Motorstorm 2

I think M2 will average at 90% at GR/Meta.

There is no reason why it shouldnt get 9/10 or 10/10 from most sites

BaSeBaLlKiD7213513d ago

i have the demo :-)

bought qore just for the demo. kinda expected more in the demo... you basically only get 3 minutes of racing time with 3 vechiles to choose from. they either shouldve put 1 vehicle of each kind in the demo or gave us a bigger track or 2 tracks... but other than that, this game is a day 1 buy for me!!!

El_Colombiano3513d ago

That sucks, but the game is phenomenal either way. The shoudlnt time the demo.

The Karate Kid3513d ago

I say one good thing about the PS3 and they ( I wont say there name) take away my bubble!!!

zimbo0073513d ago



James Vanderbeek3513d ago

But it you ever loved excite bike, road rash, old need for speeds, mario kart, and super off road than you will love motorstorm 1 and 2.. Its has that super fun factor.. Not that realistic feel where your just driving around a track.. In motorstorm every lap, turn, and jump can change change the face and something crazy might happen

and now we have split screen so you cant get any better than that..

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The story is too old to be commented.