Take-Two CEO Explains How Disappointing Games like Battleborn & Evolve Don't Represent 2K's Quality

Like all publishers, 2K Games releases some great games, and some that aren't as successful, like the recent Battleborn and Evolve. During the MKM Partners Entertainment, Leisure and Internet Conference, Take-Two Interactive Software Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick explained how they aren't representative of the overall quality of the label.

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moegooner88606d ago

Battleborn may have done quite bad sales wise, but game is rather fun. Not fair to the devs behind it to dismiss it like this

Hoffmann606d ago

True. After Gearbox and 2k made many millions with the Borderlands series its an ass move to talk like that about Battleborn which is no Overwatch but not bad at all.

Its just a game almost nobody cared about.

pompombrum606d ago

Seems like the Take Two CEO has developed a chip on his shoulder after GTA 5's success, who throws their own developers under a bus like that when the games they made were far from bad? It's like he expects every game they make to receive 8-9/10 or something silly. Evolve was a great concept and tried to do something different, sort of the same with Battleborn too it's just Blizzard took the exact same concept and rolled with it in a different far more enjoyable way.

princejb134606d ago

Overwatch and battleborn are to different type of games. I don't get why people keep comparing them

pompombrum606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

^^^ They are both based on the same concept though, merging elements from MOBAs and FPS games, it's just that Battleborn was leaning more towards the MOBA genre while Overwatch is more of an FPS game, or at least that's how I understand it. The problem lays in that Battleborn never managed to shake the comparisons and also I just think Overwatch ultimately done a better job in creating a fun game that successfully merges elements from both genres.

princejb134605d ago


They are not both based on the same concept. One is a moba the other is a fps

C-H-E-F606d ago

Their screw up was the fact that overwatch was just a much better battleborn than battleborn lOl

Dirtnapstor606d ago

The game is fun indeed. The problem is that there are established games out there that have become a staple to the gaming community. That's not bad in it of itself, however it makes it really hard for newer IPs to enter the arena and complete successfully as wanted.

Christopher605d ago

The problem with Battleborn isn't its gameplay, it's their money grabbing microtransaction concepts, locking characters behind lengthy activity walls, and the always online model.

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Grap606d ago

I am more worry of mafia 3 than these 2 games

gums007606d ago

So in other words Take Two is saying that Randy Pitchford really sucks which i agree. (And seriously how has borderlands 3 not been made yet) WTF!!!!!

Hoffmann606d ago

Nah, actually the guy said nothing about Randy Pitchford there, he talked about the quality of games like Battleborn and Evolve in his opinion

Darkfist_Flames606d ago

then its time for you to start making borderlands 3.

Hoffmann606d ago

Not really. Borderlands is still Gearbox IP not 2k's

Notellin606d ago

Yeah it's definitely time. Not very many developers survive a flopped game in this day and age.

I would hope it's their next game because I'd hate for them to close down. I suppose if anyone is equipped to survive a flopped game it's Gearbox though.

Palitera606d ago

Yeah, Gearbox is a one hit wonder. They can't do anything else good, so why no BL3 already?

Yohshida606d ago

Battleborn is a great game that came out on the wrong time. They should have given it more time and release it early next year, when all the overwatch hype died down a little and not many new games are coming out.

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The story is too old to be commented.