It's Your Last Chance To Buy The NES Classic Edition From Walmart And Anywhere Else

Itching to buy the NES Classic Edition console but it's nowhere to be found? Walmart is offering some each day, but tomorrow's your last chance.

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ziggurcat549d ago

huh? there's a limited run of these things?

81BX547d ago

No nin said they would pump out for the holiday season. They are being dicks about production

Skankinruby547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

I've tried three days in a row. Either the demand for this thing is insane or people have committed sniper accounts to making this a big mark-up item for the holidays. But this consistently selling out in less than a minute just kills my interest, my childhood nostalgia isn't THAT strong

pcz547d ago

why didnt you simply pre order one back when they were first announced?

addictedtochaos547d ago

Nintendo never allowed these to be pre-ordered.

pcz546d ago


hmm i preordered mine from amazon

547d ago
Automatic79547d ago

I tried purchasing and every time I log in to purchase, It reads out of stock. I am turned off. Not sure if I will ever get to buy this now.

kayoss547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

I tried 4 days in a row to get it right at 5pm. I get to the shipping and it prompts me, "out of stock". I read that people uses bots to get an advantage trying to get these.

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