IGN: Tales of Symphonia Hands-On

You've been dying to hear more about Namco's Wii RPG, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for quite a while, and IGN has been right there waiting along with you. Set for a late 2008 release, still months away, Tales of Symphonia Wii is one of the few role-playing games on Nintendo's system, so while Square Enix spends its opening year and change on Dragon Quest Swords and Chocobo Dungeon, IGN has been chomping at the bit for a full RPG experience on the system. Well, they have finally got it in the IGN LA offices, and after an hour and a half of play time, this long-time Tales fan is convinced that Dawn of the New World is just what Wii needs for Q4 of 2008.

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TruthbeTold3593d ago

I'm starving for great RPG's on the Wii.

BrotherNick3593d ago

Did you finish the last tales of symphonia?

TruthbeTold3592d ago

How many times? :)
I could write a walkthrough for that game I know it so well.

AWBrawler3592d ago

I hope Shiloh Strong retains his role as the voice of Zelos.

TruthbeTold3592d ago appears that all of the voices are different this time around. I've called Namco Bandai and e-mailed them a few times to ask them about returning voice actors, but their only real reply has been that since it's such an "obscure question" they'll have to look into it and get back to me. (Which they never did). Makes sense... If it was my business I wouldn't want any of the focus on this game to be about something seen as a letdown either.