IGN: Jeopardy! Review

IGN writes: "Jeopardy! doesn't have Alex Trebek in it. I'm not saying that simple fact should condemn this PlayStation Network title to the pits of videogame hell, but it should stand as the first glaring error in a game that gets the simple sound effects and setting of the show down but somehow manages to lose everything else that makes Jeopardy! the phenomenon it is".

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TheWickedOne3597d ago

agree, unfortunately. just plain sucks.

Cryos3596d ago

unfortunately, that's ALWAYS been the case with jeopardy games (as far as I can tell) They always seem to be multiple choice!!! And the FEW times that they aren't, time to type in the answer is a problem, or the fact that I'm a horrible speller comes to bite me in the @ss.

Of all the TV game shows to turn to video games, they need to leave jeopardy behind. It just doesn't work, it might as well be trivial pursuit.

Let's Make A Deal, however! I love the arcade version (don't know how it would work without tickets to turn in for bouncing balls, though)