IGN: Ion Drummer Hands On

Rock Band 2 arrives in stores on Sunday. You could choose to pick up the flimsy, plastic official Rock Band 2 drums ($89.99) or you could grab the premium Ion Drum Kit. Specially designed for Xbox 360, the drum kit includes four adjustable drum pads, three cymbals (despite all product ads show only two), and a steel-reinforced kick pedal.

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Cryos3447d ago

I'm dissapointed that the "cymbals" aren't two new colors/notes.

It doesn't change or improve gameplay at all, really. It's the same as configuring your control setting for a FPS.

Would have been nice to have to hit the cymbals when you're supposed to.

DTClown3447d ago

I don't understand why someone hasn't made a video game that actually teaches you how to play the real instrument instead of just hitting random pad sequences. This is the logical next step for these type of games. Until then, keep dreamin of nailing real groupies in real life. Pick up a real instrument and get in there and get ya some!

Cryos3447d ago

I am so tired of this "wannabe" crap. Do you say that about Madden? Call of Duty? DDR?

Videogames are a way to have fun (remember that?) and to pretend to be someone/someplace you're not!

Sure I could take years to learn to play the drums or guitar. I could learn all my favorite songs! but at the end of the day, who am I gonna jam with? gonna drum by myself? that won't sound like my favorite songs. Neither will strumming on the guitar by myself. I'd have to the try to get a band and practice songs.

But why? I have NO desire to be in a band, or be a Rock Star. What I DO want, is to be able to come home after a long day, put guitar hero or rock band into my console, and ESCAPE from the real world with my favorite music.