Motorstorm: Pacific Rift: Motorstorm 2 Demo Invites Go Out Via E-mail

Looks like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift's pre-release demo isn't strictly limited to the Qore subscribing elite. We've heard from many a tipster that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been sending out invites for the demo version of the Motorstorm sequel, freeing it from its shackles as a strictly pay-to-play demo.

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silentbear13597d ago

pay to play demo??? waaaa

Rob0g0rilla3596d ago

Microsoft has been doing this as well

SacT0wnF1n3st3596d ago

And you pay for themes and gamer pics??? waaaaaa

Agent VX3596d ago

Wow, this is becoming a very disturbing trend with Sony related products. First we had to pay GT 5: Prologue, a rather skeleton version of the upcoming GT 5, or a Demo to be exact. Now Motorstorm Pacific, Wow, so this is how Sony is gonna soak us.

How bloody lame is this. At least MS doesn't hide that fact your paying for online, now it looks like Sony is gonna have different levels for their online. Bring out the credit card, The PSN is starting to cost more and more. Can't wait until they start soaking us for content on "Home".

What ever happened to the good old days of video games, buy the game and play. Now Sony, Nintendo and MS are soaking us for every last cent they can get. I really fear for the day that video game consoles are just modems for their servers, where you don't actually own the game, but rent it out while you play online, where the credit card quickly fills to the limit.

People have to stop paying these greedy corporation for items that shouldn't cost a cent. I even looked recently for Oblivion downloads, and the Horse Armour still costs like 200 points!!! Anybody paying for Horse Armour should have their heads examined.

MAR-TYR-DOM3596d ago

IF your saying that GT5:P should be free then why did people compare it to forza? Mabey a demo is better than a full game?

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Markh20013597d ago

Haha im soo happy i got mine yesterday via email and i normally get sod all as always thanks sony just give me bloody Home

ArchangelMike3596d ago

Got mine yesterday as well!!! It's great to finally get something from Sony. Fingers crossed for the Killzone 2 Beta xxx

r3xmund13596d ago

I got thru to the SOCOM beta, and i majically got the Motorstorm demo yesterday....wootage!, i also applied for the RFOM beta...

Maybe if you apply for everything they give you stuff, i dunno

r3xmund13596d ago

Its good, but its very close to the original, with just some new attacks on the shoulder buttons and some new cars n stuff, i also hope they polish the graphics a little, as i thought they were not up to the original, but maybe thats us me... All in all i played it about 1 times an loved it, cannot wait for it...

3596d ago
Silogon3596d ago

I got a Motorstorm 2 demo invite via e-mail last night. The catch? It said I had to go to Gamestop and preorder it to be eligible for the code to DL it. hahahahahaha, yeah right.

1 - I don't shop at Gamestop
2 - I don't need to be pressured into buying a game on the promis of a damn demo that should be without perk or privelage.
3 - A demo should be enjoyed by all, not just some. A demo's point is to sell the final product. to make the final product that much more appealing.

I didn't buy it on Qore and I won't get it through pre-order now. I have played it at a friends house and I can tell everyone truthfully, it is little more than motorstorm 1.5. the graphics and physics are roughly the same as the 1st. It controls no different and the bikes are still useless. Pure looks marginally better, but in some respects motorstorm tops it out in terms of textures from a distance. the water effects are lame as hell on motorstorm 2, though. They are very dated.

azmanmanz3596d ago

I have get the code and played the demo..... Oh nooooooooo pure is suck.. not even close to motorstorm 1 in term of gameplay and graphics. im not agree with you silogon..

3596d ago
LuvBurger3596d ago

What "water effects" are you talking about? I just played the demo again, and on the one track that it is on there, there isn't any water at all

3596d ago
LuvBurger3596d ago

I'm not talking about the water effects in Pure. I'm talking about Silogon's comments about the water effects in MS2, which he claims are "lame as hell".

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the demo that I have and that I assume everyone else has DOES NOT have any water effects at all

Silogon3596d ago

I was refering to the hd trailer where they plow through the water and it looks like ps1 days. That is why I added it at the end of my post as a nice cap at what i think, overall, of motorstorm 2.

psnSkareFace3596d ago

i got it yesturday aswel but i dont no y because i didnt do anying 2 get it

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