The RPG Battle: PS3 vs Xbox 360

After the interesting response to their lists of top Xbox 360 and PS3 RPGs for the last 3 months of 2008, RPGSite decides to settle the RPG battle the way only an RPG could - stats and figures - in this case, a list-off.

This article lists all of the released, announced and active RPG projects for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, allowing fans of the consoles to draw their own conclusions as to which has the stronger line-up. The article splits the list, allowing fans to see which are exclusive and multiplatform, and which games have already been released. You'll only find facts in this piece, no conjecture.

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SteveBallmer SonyRep3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Im sorry for this 360 we made.... its a mistake !

We invented RROD to see if suckers would still buy it and they did!!!! :)

GOD IM SOOOOO......... happy with my new house and ps3.

I was testing the 360 before we started selling it but it burn part of my old house and my face

360 man3539d ago

you have waaay to much time on your hands

003539d ago

I see that picture I have nightmares.

juuken3539d ago

I agree. o_o
Just make the sign of the cross three times and dream of a sexy woman. xD

ErcsYou3539d ago

In MY opinion... all of the so called (next gen) RPG's have been really mediocre. I still turn to my PS2 and my PSP for my RPG fix...
I hope 09 turns out better than 08 but hopefully Fable 2 and Last Remnant will change my mind.

PoSTedUP3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

oblivion was great and alot of people said Folklore was great. well see how White Knight Chronicles and Fable2 turns out. i herd lost oddessy was good too and tales of vispiera*.

UnSelf3539d ago

when i had a 360 i bought Mass Effect and LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD it. Too bad my 360 RRODed like 2 times on me.

Anyway rite now its still hard to tell.

Hope Mass Effect 2 comes to the ps3.

-Gamer 1st, Fanboy 2nd

gambare3539d ago

I have to agree about the PS2 PSP, I still have a bunch of RPGs on my PS2 I haven't finished yet.

Spydiggity3539d ago


CrazzyMan3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )


anyway, it`s 3 years against 2 years.
next year is 3rd ps3 year, there will be plenty rpgs available(you know, to make rpg needed time, like 2-3 years).

and in the end, i wouldn `t be so proud of 15h rpgs like Too Human and Infinite Undiscovery.

Q: Hey, Mass Effect isn’t Exclusive!
A: Yes, I know it’s on the PC. But This is a battle of the consoles, and in the console world it is 360 exclusive.

Any reason for NOT playing superior PC version? Or like 99% of ps3 owners don`t have PCs?

deeznuts3539d ago

Yeah mass effect was fun as hell but glitchy like crazy.

Some even argue it's not even an RPG. all the choices you make still end up essentially with the same result.

La Chance3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

you are going way too far...

So you want to say that Mass Effect , LO , Tales Of Vesperia , Oblivion , Eternal Sonata were all "mediocre"....

If those games are mediocre (even reviews say that they are good games) then almost everygame except for maybe 1 every ten years is mediocre for you then.

SaiyanFury3539d ago

An interesting article. The 360 has more JRPGs at the moment. Now my point as a truly hardcore RPG enthusiast comes: Which system has the truly hardcore RPGs? Recently Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice was released only on PS3 and it maintains it's status as a truly hardcore RPG. Of course the Strategy RPG genre. Disgaea is not for even the core gamer. It belongs solely in the hardcore category. I've been playing the game now for 2 weeks and I'm just shy of 70 hours of play. There's so much more that the game offers it's not even funny. But only hardcore players will enjoy it. Since most hardcore RPG players already associate the PlayStation brand with hardcore RPGs we're all enjoying this title that's not available on 360. Just a personal viewpoint, but a valid one. JRPGs are on 360, but the real hardcore RPGs will appear on PS3.

godofthunder103538d ago

I'm tired of all this bullsh*t just like a lot of people are.Facts are facts their isn't anything anyne can do about it.The 360 has more RPGs then the ps3 has.
The ps3 is a great system just like the 360 is.Just because ps3 fanboys don't like the 360 they lost this battle because the proof is right in front of them and they are still trying to say that the ps3 still have more RPGs.It's sad to see people fighting over a video game system.
Some people are still saying that some exclusives are not really exclusives because it's on the computer to.The fact is that they are exclusive to microsoft and on top of that the 360 is selling a lot more software then the wii and ps3 and this is a fact to.
Some ps3 fanboys are saying that the 360 has a year head start on the ps3 and the ps3 will catch up and pass the 360 in RPGs in a couple of years.The fact is that it will never happen.Exclusives are getting less and less.Both systems have some great exclusives RPGs that are comeing out in a couple of years to.
They are haveing reports that the new xbox and ps will be out around 2011 or 2012 and that's only 3 or 4 years away.That's about right because all 3 systems will be about 6 or 7 years.It will be hard for the ps3 or 360 to catch up with the wii in 3 or 4 years.
I'm not saying that the ps3 want pass the 360 up in harware sell in 3 or 4 years because it probaly will but the 360 will win the software sells this generation.
Microsoft and nintendo did what they wanted this generation.They took a big percentage of the console market away fron sony and established a big fanbase and made it a fight.People said that sony will dominate this generation,i thought sony would to but i was wrong.
It's a fact that nintendo,sony,and microsoftare are already working on their new systems.I know that ps3 fanboys will say that the ps3 will be around for 10 years befor they release the ps4,but it's not true.The ps3 will be around for 10 years but the ps4 will be out a lot sooner then the 10 years like ps3 fanboys are claiming.
The fact is that all 3 companies will have their new systems out in a few years because after 7 years all 3 systems will be outdated and the ps3 will to.There isn't one electronic product that want be out dated in 7 years,it's just fact.look at computers,They have a lot of them that's a lot more powerful then all 3 systems combined and they are out dated in 2 years.
I don't care what any fanboy says.In 3 to 4 years the new systems will be out.The wii will win this generation and i don't even like the wii but it will win.The ps3 and 360 will end up in a tight race for second place,the ps3 probaly will win by small margin.
Ps3 fanboys will say that the ps3 will win because it has a big fanbase.they will also say that the 360 will come out last.The nintendo fanboys said the same thing when sony first came out with the first ps and look what happened.Ps3 fanboys should face the facts that the ps isn't dominate like it was before.They should be happy about it because competition means better games for all of us to play.

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tocrazed4you3539d ago

There has not been any AAA jrpg only thing that came close was TOV, and there has been AAA Rpg but none that are exclusive... All of the exclusive rpgs except TOV has really well... sucked?

ShinMaster3539d ago

Xbox 360 fans won't be able to experience the complete Final Fantas "Nova Crystalis" saga, with only a toned down version of "XIII".

But Playstation fans will. With Final Fantasy XIII, Agito XIII, and Versus XIII.

Let's not forget that Kingdom Hearts III is still to be announced. Hopefully it will be this TGS.

ape0073539d ago

"playstation fans" or "xbox fans"

why this seperation?

a true gamer follow games not consoles

Breakfast3539d ago

Why does Ape have only 4 bubbles.
Are you too neutral? I dont get it.

We should switch bubble counts.

Bubble for being too neutral :)

UnSelf3539d ago

yea Breakfast offer a switch when ur down from 13 to 5.

lol, j/p but i agree, i couldve sworn the ape had more.

Wait bubbles....IM BUBBLES, I CAN GIVE AS MANY AS I WANT AS I AM HIM.....BUBBLES, U KNO the one who....can give....bubbles. (ight lemme just stfu and give some)

DFresh3539d ago

Well the 360 has more RPGs but the PS3 has more quality RPGs so Sony wins.

Star Ocean 4 (2009)
FFXIII (2010)
Infinite Undiscovery (5/10)
Tales of Vesperia (8/10)
Eterna Sonata (7/10)

FFXIII (2009 w/ exclusive demo & bundle)
FFXIII Versus (2010)
Kingdom Hearts 3 (2009)
White Knight Chronicles (2009)
Disgea 3 (9/10)
Valkryia Chronicles (8.8/10)

JoKeR3539d ago

i like how u leave out games for the 360, GJ...

juuken3539d ago

True DFresh, very true.
Hopefully Kingdom Hearts stays PS3 exclusive because as of now Square can make anything go multiplatform. -.-

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3539d ago


Here I will add the 360 games

Too Human
Two Worlds
Infinite Undiscovery

There you go

militant073539d ago


PopEmUp3539d ago

the eternal sonata 3 years old kid again, oh boy oh boy plz ppl make a run before he cry again

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