CryEngine 1 Vs CryEngine 2: Past To Present

GameXtract writes "The CryEngine 2 was like a gift from god, except the gift had a few holes. The engine brought photo realistic games like Crysis into our world, but like many angry PC gamers the hardware demand was horrid, and the game would crash beyond belief. CryEngine 1 also delivered stunning animations for its time. The islands generated by the CryEngines were simply the best of their generation. Now with both engines released, and games to showcase their powers, comparisons is a good way to show just how far we have gone from the 1st CryEngine to the 2nd in a matter of years. After the jump we have comparisons screenshots of similar moments in FarCry, and Crysis. This is not a competition for which game is more epic than the other, but to simply see the amazing progress between the engines. Get all the comparisons after the jump!"

Get the full comparison after the jump.

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trancefreak3416d ago

i think killzone 2 is going to p9und this game into the korean sand,

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solidsnakus3416d ago

im kinda worried about the graphics in the console versions.. hopefully its close to pc graphics.