Nintendo Coming Out With a Real-Life Zelda Experience in 'Defenders of the Triforce'

Nintendo is coming out with a real-life escape experience with Defenders of the Triforce to give Zelda fans a taste of what it takes to go through dungeons.

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guywazeldatatt760d ago

This sounds so cool. So glad they are coming to LA!!!!!

guywazeldatatt760d ago

Yeah I just moved to LA so I feel pretty lucky!!!

guywazeldatatt760d ago

Puzzle solving in Zelda is my favorite part.

lifeistranger760d ago

This is really cool. I'm going to try to make it out to the NYC one. The Zero Escape "escape rooms", from what I hear, were really awesome.

guywazeldatatt760d ago

try to get the early bird's only like $38 for a standard ticket.