Yoshida interested in getting Wii consumers to stay with PS3

PS3fanboy: "When Nintendo dominates the NPD charts month after month, it's unsurprising that competitors (like Sony) would want to follow suit. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida notes that the Wii has been incredibly successful in capturing the casual gamer -- a demographic that used to be PS2's bread and butter."

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chaosatom3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

4) Wheel of fourtune,
5) Singstar,
6) Use of Eyetoy,
7) cute psn games.
8) eye of judement type games.
9) head tracking.

I think sony will be top in terms of innovation in gaming.

btw, sixaxis is not the answer.

Sevir043569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

That and a slew of creative PSeye games like the LBP of next year, EyePET. games like that are what will bring the PS3 to markets like the PS2 and the Wii have captured Just mimicing the company with a PS branded peripheral like MS did wont do it. you need the price and something fresh on the market, and EyePET is it.

Product3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

It will be very hard to gain any momentum in the casual market so far into the life cycle.Once you pigeon hole yourself into a certain group its hard to change the minds of the people who are not well informed.

vashivihang3569d ago

the perception of wii as having "only kiddy, casual and easy games" comes to mind despite it not being true at all

Gr813569d ago

Keep consumers interested in the PS3.

jeffaustin903569d ago

In the article he's quoted as saying "After they've played a Wii and played some of the games, some of those consumers might try something else." Well the exact same thing could be said for the PS3. Some people get bored of playing what is essentially the same games from PS1 and PS2 on what is essentially the same controllers from PS1 and PS2. Sometimes people just need something different from what they have, it's human nature. Which is why both Nintendo and Sony (and Microsoft, let's not make them feel left out here) should be thanking each other for creating different systems from their competitors, so that fans (not just gamers but also casuals) can play one, get bored of it, go to another, get bored of it, and keep switching between systems. Fans keep playing all the systems, which in turn forces the system makers to become more creative, which in turn benefits everyone.

Competition creates opportunity for the entire industry.

LikAChicken3569d ago

Whole heartedly agree man. I can never understand why people want to defend one console over another. It's like they don't get the fact that each company learns from their competitors and try to either mimic the competition or come up with something better. That is how all business survive. They are all fighting for your dollar and that should make you feel warm and special inside:) It's competition that brings innovation, not one "almighty" console.

~I am a gamer...who likes economics but is sad too~

Mahr3569d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I've never been able to understand people when they say things like "Wouldn't it be great if X Console and Y Console totally failed and Z Console was the only thing on the market!"

Gaming, like all industries, needs competition to thrive as a medium. Even if people only like one system and don't like the alternatives, it's important that those alternatives exist.