Game Tester Fired For Going On Record About Xbox 360 Defects

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi recently published an exhaustive history of the manufacturing issues that have surrounded the Xbox 360, resulting in still unknown numbers of defective consoles and a $1 billion price tag for Microsoft's games division. Hypersensitive readers who pined for the day when we could all just "move on" from the story weren't the only invested parties who took issue with the exposé. Microsoft fired one of its own contract employees over his participation in the story.

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dktxx23445d ago

Fired for telling the truth? What a sad place this world is becoming.

mfwahwah3445d ago

Problem isn't that he told the truth, it's that he broke a contract (NDA), and that requires termination.

Getting sued though, is a bit much though. What he said has no substance as "dirt" on MS. It's simply a "This did cause RRoD, but I found the errors and reported them to MS, leading to a fix for those specific problems."

SkyGamer3445d ago

Never bite the hand that feeds you.

Seriously, is he mentally retarded in thinking he can talk smack about his employer and thinks that they will not do anything? If he does not like Microsoft, why work for them? It would be like you telling your boss for him to go $c#w himself. He/She probably isn't going to be to happy with you and you probably won't be employed much longer. Besides imagine the recommendation that they would say making it harder for him/her to get another job. Not too bright.

rroded3445d ago

meh this kind of stuff is typicla in the big corps...

Sad tho that you can get fired for telling it like it is

tho that molson guy who got fired for having a pic in the paper holding a bud was sadder.

StephanieBBB3445d ago

It's amazing how bill gates can sleep at night knowing which kind of jacka**es he has left behind to run microsoft. If I was billgates I would fire all of those socially retarded monkeys and hire some people that can run a corporation without cheating/lying/boasting. Then maybe, and just MAYBE people will start trusting in the products again.

EL MAESTRO3445d ago

sorry dude but thats how it is. every single company does this. its sad yes but nintendo, sony MS and every single company in the world lies. its about making money not about giving the best. Do the math they got a head start, making tons of money, even after rrod they still have millions of dollars of profit. any company would have done the same if you still make money who cares what the consumer says or feels. I have a 360 and I'm fine with it. I suggest you dont get attach (loyal) to any company cuz theyre not loyal to you. I leaned my lesson with sony. Never be loyal to anyone.


He's a snitch. Cant have those on your team.

dle3444d ago

This is not about telling the truth, but it is all about loyalty and protecting the image of the "hand that feed you". All companies keep certain quality control issues from the public. If Microsoft built a hidden routine to steal user confidential data in the system, then it maybe appropriate to go forward. But for this it is hardly appropriate. If this employee is not punished, all hell will break loose at every major corporation on earth.

JoySticksFTW3444d ago

M$ would love nothing better to get rid of the faulty hardware RROD stigma. Heck, they didn't even want to admit it in the first place.

I believe that M$ has been trying very hard to eliminate the RROD issue and it's been paying off with some people believing that the RROD problems were only in the earlier units and are now a thing of the past.

You may have to fire the guy, but suing him just brings him and his admissions about the hardware defects to light again. You have media members already clinging to this story. Big mistake on M$'s part for letting anything related to hardware defects make the headlines.

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Freezingduck3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

"He was quoted by VentureBeat on two separate "red ring of death" scenarios, one that could be triggered by a reproduceable crash , citing NBA 2K6, and another related to dashboard update bugs with Capcom's Dead Rising."

So he lost ~two months (or how ever long it takes to call, get send a package, pack your box, send out your box, wait for repair, wait for it to get sent back and do again) without his Xbox360 while having to pay for LIVE, sounds like a reasonable complaint

InfiniteUnfloppery3445d ago

We here at Sony will gladly employ the Fired Microsoft Employee,we believe he will make a Great Public Speaker on the Effects of Associating one self with a Flop Corporation and a Flop Product.

theKiller3445d ago

they r using the same policy the american government use in the war of iraq and Afghanistan which hide and deceive people by controlled information and news!

Microsoft = G.W. Bush = must go down!

juuken3445d ago


v1c1ous3445d ago

you want a guy who breaks NDAs and blabs sensitive company information to the media working for Sony?

you didn't think that comment through much did you

SteveBallmer SonyRep3445d ago

God my old company suks the only reason i stayed was that Bill Gates had a big c0ck

TheOtherGuy3445d ago

uUuUmm you didnt READ his comment through did YOU?!?!? "....we believe he will make a Great Public Speaker.... " kinda self-owned urself since you didnt READ that part of his comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoySticksFTW3444d ago

"I wonder if they like taped a pic of the RROD on his cubical or something to let him know he was fired.

::Sees red ring picture:: "What the fvck?"
::Flips over:: "YOU'RE FIRED" "

Funny stuff right there :)

Pain3444d ago

and breaking it will do that.

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Freezingduck3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

It's just stupid, getting fire for telling the truth - I mean he wasn't bashing on the Xbox360 saying "OMFGBBQXBOXSUCKS," he was just sharing his "factual" experiences.