Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Demo Run Through

GameXtract writes "Currently Sony is being cheap, and only giving out the Motorstorm demo to those who can fork out three dollars. With each new release of Qore it seems like this is Sony's catch to a "free" online service…god dammit. Regardless their is nothing we can do, but shell out a few dollars to play the demo. In case you consider your coins to be a of great value to you then we have a demo run through below showing off the race in good high quality footage. It will definitely help in the decision between an episode of Qore, or to buy more popcorn for the upcoming series of Heroes! Woohoo!"

Get the video after the jump.

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TOSgamer3569d ago

"With each new release of Qore it seems like this is Sony's catch to a "free" online service…god dammit."

So adding a demo to an online digital mag means psn isn't really free any more? STFU... In case some of these babies don't know I have to wait a week for EVERY SINGLE demo on Xbox because I won't play MS $50 a year for Gold.

Meus Renaissance3569d ago

I just got the voucher for the demo, amazing amazing game.

thor3569d ago

It's a MAGAZINE. Magazines have had demo disks since the dawn of time. Why is a digital magazine any different? Heck, I don't even have the _option_ of buying Qore. Plus, you don't just pay for the demo. You pay for all the content of the mag which includes early demos as well as beta invites.


y do u have to pay for a demo?

Alcohog3569d ago

The demo looks cool. Motorstorm was a good game, although I'd like to hear how the AI has improved since the first installment. Anyone here who has played it care to share their experience?